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Thalis, Naan Pizzas Or Khao Suey: 15 Of Bangalore's Best Vegetarian Restaurants

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Be it a festival, or a Tuesday, Thursday, or Monday, we've all got reasons to be vegetarian, even if it's actually peer pressure. It is therefore only a fitting opportunity to explore the city’s vegetarian foodscape. Believe us when we say that you won’t be left hankering for options. South Indian meals served on banana leaves, homely Maharashtrian thalis, and fine-dine experiences that introduce you to organic cooking – they're all available!  Without further ado, here's a list of the best vegetarian restaurants and cafes in Bangalore where you can graze greener pastures.

Green Theory

Surrounded by potted plants and garden ponds, you can tuck into global treats at this quaint restaurant. Pizzas, burgers, sizzlers, and sandwiches are all part of the menu. You’ll find plenty of vegan and Jain options as well. And if you're not hungry, just enjoy some salad and artisan coffee or tea. They have an outlet at Indiranagar too if you're not up to going till Convent Road. 

Other Dishes You Must Try: Tofu, Raw Papaya And Watermelon Skin Slaw Salad for its refreshing flavour burst and the Paneer Satay that comes with this sweet and spicy peanut sauce. 

Price For 2: INR 1,500


An all Indian menu awaits you at this charming cafe-restaurant. Drop by in the mornings for short eats, vadas, and cheelas paired with hot cups of chai. For a full-blown lunch, you can choose from pulavs, rotis and stuffed parathas that taste incredibly good with creamy curries. Read more about it here.

Other Dishes You Must Try: Arbi Kurkuri for its crispy, slightly sticky texture brought together with a tangy spice. The Matar Methi Makai was also our favourite for its creamy and herby flavour. 

Price For 2: INR 1,000

Little Italy

Want vegetarian, but not necessarily Indian? Wood-fired pizzas, cheese-loaded lasagnas, and their long list of desserts are a must-try at this all-vegetarian Italian restaurant. They also have an all-vegetarian buffet, an extensive vegan menu and there are also Jain options available here

Other Dishes You Must Try: Ravioli Nero Al Funghi Selvatici which is black ravioli stuffed with mushrooms mixed in a sage-gorgonzola cream. We also love their Calzone Al Forno which has this distinct flavour of artichokes coming through.

Price For 2: INR 2,000 

Burma Burma

Burma Burma's vegetarian-only menu is worthy of trying for their entire menu is based on the South East Asian country's food culture. You've Samosa Soup, bowls of khao suey, and appetisers such as lotus stem fritters to dig into while you admire the Burma-inspired decor. Think finger puppets and lacquerware props. Also, the 12th Main restaurant takes their tea very seriously, and is an essential part of the cuisine here and acts as a perfect palate cleanser.

Other Dishes You Must Try: Tohu Hincho (soup) for its earthy flavour of black sesame and the Dry Khao Suey that tastes fantastic with the corn chips they offer. Do not forget to have their Bubble Tea (we loved the Yuzu flavour) whilst you're there.

Price For 2: INR 2,000


As you take in the colourful, rustic setting, huge plates of Rajasthani food make their way to you. Try out the place's traditional favourites like Dal Bati Churma, Jodhpuri Gatta, Rajasthani Bati, Rajwadi Kadhi, and Gunjiya. They even have festive special menus so hit them up during festivals for seasonal treats. Their thalis include a set menu and are priced at around INR 449 upwards.

Fore more Rajasthani food, try out these places in the city.

Other Dishes You Must Try: Bajra Roti with Gatta and the sweet Gujrati Kadhi that goes just perfect with rice. 

Price For 2: INR 1,000


Food cooked in Sattvic style is what’s on offer here. Their a la carte lineup features star dishes such as Lucknowi Jalebi Chaat, where the crunchy sweet treat is tossed with boiled potatoes, yoghurt and chaat masalas, Amritsar Ke Kofte, balls of paneer doused in a spicy green peas masala, or the Gwar Patha Panchphoran, aloe vera tossed about in freshly ground spices and comes along with crispy greens. However, it's their buffet coming with a smattering of Indian, Chinese and Continental food that we're after. 

Other Dishes You Must Try: Malai Kofta because their sweet and savoury dumplings of khoya are a fiesta in the mouth. The Alfredo Pasta is another one of their winners. It has no garlic or onion, so the creamy and cheesy flavour comes through really well. 

Price For 2: INR 1,800

The Higher Taste

This place serves up some divine treats, also because it's within temple premises (see what we did there?). Following the Sattvic principles of cooking, the menu here includes Indian, Continental, and Chinese contributions. Do try Raja Bhojanam, a dish infused with ghee and nuts – definitely fit for royalty. The Paan Ice Cream ends your meal on a high note. Alternatively, get their buffets that have a little bit of everything from North Indian to Italian and Chinese options. 

Other Dishes You Must Try: Flavour packed Tawa Aloo Tikki and the Hariyali Kulcha. For the sweet treat, their payasam won us over.

Price For 2: INR 1,200

Sante Spa Cuisine

Sante Spa Cuisine in Indiranagar will have you enjoying healthy bites such as beetroot hummus and charcoal dim sums from their all-vegetarian menu that's got vegan options too. Plus, did we tell you that it is inside a charming naturally well-lit bungalow? You really need to try the Vegan Asian Quinoa and Raw Papaya Salad, the Pizza Verde, the Crunchy Chlorophyll dim sum in Red Curry for that rich Thai Red Curry and Virgin Coconut Toffees. 

Other Dishes You Must Try: Carbon Dimsums On Green Curry for that delectable hot bean sauce. The Hummus And Spiced Mushroom Tartine is another one of our favourites for its creamy and rich umami flavours.

Price For 2: INR 1,800

Simpli Namdhari

What started out as a grocery store that would sell gourmet products and organic fruits and veggies, has now taken the form of a restaurant where you get some of he best vegetarian food in the city. Known for its affordable pricing and multi-cuisine fare, Simpli Namdhari has been making all the right noises. Binge on their freshly made Falafel salad or chow down their Awadhi Biryani bowls, you will be left spoilt for choices as you get Asian, Continental and Indian cuisines all under one roof.

Other Dishes You Must Try: Spaghetti Bolognese for its tempeh bits and rich flavour coming from the cinnamon they use in preparation. You could also have their Water Chestnut Dimsums that come with sesame oil and spicy and flavourful chilli oil.

Price For 2: INR 800 


Known for its modern Indian food, Spiceklub gives a western spin to Indian classics. The place has chic interiors and is a fine dine restaurant by all means. Think food like Pav Bhaji Fondue, Nitro Bhel and a Naanza, an Indian take on a pizza. You get the drift. Pair your food with the Kokum Margherita with Chilli Caviar (yes, vegetarian caviar is a thing here) for a spicy, cooling kick and round off you meal with the Motichur Magick which consists of an Elaichi Mousse on a bed of Motichoor Laddoo.

Other Dishes You Must Try: Soya Keema Lifafa with Sun-dried Tomato and Black Olive Naan for a flavour circus and the Volcano, chocolate mouse with Peru jelly and Kesar (saffron) milk for ultimate decadence.

Price For 2: INR 1,500

The Asian Curry House

Located in Mantri Square, this restaurant is known for its pan-Asian food. The ambience is happening with comic art done up on the walls contrasted by checkered flooring and retro leather furniture. You have to have their baos and the veg sushi, in particular the Avocado Nigiri for its strong and delightful flavours. We also relished the Mapo Tofu which had this spicy assault of the peppercorn in each bite of the fried mantou used in the dish.

Other Dishes You Must Try: Ema Datshi - Cheese and Chilli vegetable stew that is comfort food at its peak; the Japanese Udon Noodles is also a fine pick thanks to the bok choy and thick chewy noodles.

Price For 2: INR 1,700


If you're looking for the kind of variety (and price) a Darshini style restaurant offers, then head to Paakashala. They have branches all across the city, and if you're a vegetarian blindly go here to be delighted. From breakfast options like idli, a variety of dosas, and a bunch of soups, to Chinese food and evening snacks, they have it all. It's a quick-service restaurant and almost always bustling. They also have a branch in Udupi. 

Other Dishes You Must Try: Rava Onion Dose, Gobi65, and any of their soups on a cold day hit the right spot. 

Price For 2: INR 250 for 2

Street Storyss

Street Storyss has been making splash with their inventive and comforting vegetarian food options. They have a range of Jain food and vegan options too. A must-try is their Khao Suey that is both filling and delicious. Also try their chaat options that include dishes with rasagulla (don't knock it till you try it!), ones with friend tomatoes, and the like. If you're a fan of Indianised pizzas, they have soya and paneer options, and you can wash it all down with a mocktail or milkshake, or just enjoy coffee in whatever brewing style you like. 

Other Dishes You Must Try: Warm mushroom salad with the heady umami of shitake mushrooms, the mushroom Chettinad bao (the flavours work really well!), and their Rajma Ghee Khichdi. 

Price For 2: INR 1,700


Gramin has been a long time vegetarian favourite in Bangalore thanks to its home-style meals and reasonable prices. Set up with a rustic look (like a village home, to be on theme) What they have maintained through the years is the serving rotis and breads (they have over 20 types made with different grains!) hot from the pan, and not all at once so you gobble down your food. Do be prepared to wait, because of the small space and how popular Gramin is. They offer Jain, vegan, gluten-free and organic items on their menu, and some can be customised per your request as well. And their food doesn't feel greasy and unhealthy (even if there are copious amounts of ghee and butter in the food!). On weekdays, they also have a thali. 

Other Dishes You Must Try: Paneer butter masala, shikanji, thandai, vegetable kurma, and daal ghee tadka

Price For 2: INR 1,000


Owned by Shefali Shah, Jalsa opened in 2022 and is housed in the Central Mall building in JP Nagar. The experience at Jalsa goes well beyond eating. The buffet restaurant has an Indianised spread offering chaat, Asian bowls, Mexican, Mediterranean street food, Japanese Teppanyaki and Continental options too among other things. The Indian options include live stations for chaat and dessert as well as pre-cooked items for mains. The setup is designed to have a very mela like feel and has a dance floor, henna artists, folk artists, and Indian games too. 

Other Dishes You Must Try: Sabudana vada (prepared fresh), Biryani, Golas, Jalebi and Rabdi, 

Price For 2: INR 1,000


Here are more restaurants where you can get some scrumptious vegetarian South Indian meals/thalis in the city and since you're vegetarian, you may want to check out the city's Best Vegan Restaurants too!