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Breakfast Of Champions: A Guide To The Best Dosas In Bangalore

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A humble breakfast staple it may be. But to produce a perfectly round, golden-hued, crispy-around-the-edges-and-fluffy-in-the-middle-dosa is nothing short of art. LBB traces the famous restaurants in town that have mastered this fine art.

Disclaimer: Hotels & restaurants are now open, but if you still feel anxious stepping out, most of these places are available on large delivery platforms or have their own system in place. If they are far away, you can always arrange for takeaway.

Hotel Janatha

While they also serve the plain and onion dosa varieties, the crowds mainly come in for their thick, crunchy masala dosa that goes splendidly with bowls of their steaming sambhar. One of the best in Bangalore, we think!

Pro-Tip: It's not always that you will find seating here, but they have space to stand and eat. Service is not very quick, so expect to wait for a while.

Price: INR 35 onwards

Shri Sagar (CTR)

This restaurant’s iconic status is well-warranted. Their Benne Masala Dosa has a gleam to them thanks to the generous helpings of butter coated on them. Crispy and crunchy with the perfectly seasoned palya, this dosa is pretty famous throughout the city!

Pro-Tip: You may have to wait for a table considering the huge crowds here especially during breakfast time, but don't worry, service is super quick once seated,

Price: INR 48 onwards

Vidyarthi Bhavan

Since 1943, Vidyarthi Bhavan has been churning out crisped up masala dosas (both, potato and sagu fillings are available) surrounded by golden pools of ghee to every hungry customer arriving at its doorsteps. The strong filter kapi is an added bonus here. 

Pro-Tip: It gets very crowded and although they have some semblance of a crowd management system, it's wise to visit early and not linger once you're done enjoying your dosa. 

Price: INR 50 onwards

Hotel Janardhan

Working your way from the brittle outer edges to the soft, potato or sagu-filled middle of their masala dosas will be the highlight of your day. We promise. 

Pro-Tip: If you don't want to wait for a table or dine with the crowd, you can request service in your car and the staff will happily oblige.

Price: INR 40 onwards

Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR)

Every morning walkers, joggers and breakfast seekers crowd the hallowed dining halls of MTR. Many order their famous, signature golden-brown, masala dosa that comes topped with a tiny bowl of melted ghee, that’ll add plenty of richness to your meal.

Pro-Tip: If your waiter is nice enough, you may request for another signature tiny bowl of the ghee, because who can have enough, really!

Price: INR 80 onwards 

Sree Krishna Kafe

Get a taste of Tamil Nadu’s equally-famous dosas in Bangalore, at this cafe. The Ghee Roast Masala Dosa is a particular favourite with patrons, who love that the airy dosas come doused in spoonfuls of ghee.

Pro-Tip: The sambhar served with the dosa keeps patrons coming back, it is that good.

Price: INR 70 onwards 

Chikkanna Tiffin Room

The dosas at Chikkanna are nothing short of heavenly, customers rave. The chocolate-brown masala and set (known as kali or empty dosa) dosas are paired with their famous slurp-worthy chutney that draws in the crowds to this nook. Interestingly, they top an open fluffy dosa with saagu and chutney (also a version with pulav + dosa), to the point where you can't see the dosa anymore.

Pro-Tip: The restaurant is a super tiny space, best to order as takeaway.

Price: INR 55 onwards

Hotel Dwarka

While the Benne Masala Dosa has many takers at Dwarka, it’s the Kali (Set) dosa that reigns supreme. The downy dosas, with a blob of melting white butter on top, are accompanied by a spicy potato side dish and a chutney – the trio please your palate to no end.

Pro-Tip: There is no seating space here only to tables outside you can use to stand and eat at. Best to pack and take it home to enjoy.

Price: INR 30 onwards

Bengaluru Cafe

When it comes to Dosa, Benne Masala Dosa takes the cake. Head to Bengaluru Cafe for their crispy and fluffy masala dosa topped with ghee that ticks all the right boxes. It is served a lightly spiced potato saagu and slightly tart coconut chutney. Mmh!

Pro-Tip: They don't serve sambhar with the dosa here but you won't miss it because the chutney is *chef's kiss*

Price: INR 35 onwards

Taaza Thindi

Not just for their soft idlis, Taaza Thindi is equally famous for its dosas. Their crispy masala dosas with lightly spiced chutneys are the rage amongst college students and local residents. With the onion and potato palya coupled with the kempu chutney, you ought not miss this one.

Pro-Tip: You may have to eat on the footpath with other patrons but it's part of the fun, so enjoy! The prices are super pocket-friendly, so freely go for round two.

Price: INR 20 onwards

Hotel Chalukya Samrat

Hotel Chalukya's signature thick yet crisp masala dosa has a devout following. It has a distinct reddish tinge (the dosa almost gleams) and is loaded with ghee and oil, a mild aloo palya and a red chilli paste. The taste of it is unlike other dosas you will taste.

Pro-Tip: This is a super filling dosa but it will leave your finger stained and oily, keep tissues within arms reach.

Price: INR 90 onwards 

Umesh Dosa Point

You will spot Umesh Dosa Point from a mile away thanks to the crowd right outside. Their menu has many varieties of dosas but starts with the classic masala dosa that is cooked in Nandini ghee and has rich potato palya with cashews. This is served with two types of chutney.

Pro-Tip: Since it's a small shop with no seating  and no system of queues, be prepared to yell out your order and receive a token for the same.

Price: INR 65 onwards

Om Sai Skanda Dosa Camp

This is an old-school South Indian joint located in Usloor. Om Sai Skanda Dosa Camp is known for its buttery benne dosa and fluffy idlis. There's no seating (it's like a dharshini). The prices are pocket-friendly and you can load of on breakfast or evening snacks like vada. 

Pro-Tip: The place tends to get crowded during weekends. 

Price: INR 25 onwards

Sidappa Hotel

Famous for its half masala dosa, Sidappa Hotel is a small joint located between rows of houses in Richmond Town. The hole-in-the-wall establishment serves soft, fluffy idlis with chutney and vegetable sagu.

Pro-Tip: The place always packs a crowd, so get ready to wait in line. 

Price: INR 50 onwards.  


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