Guava, Starfruit or Samosas Dunked in Aromatic Curries at Sattvam's buffets

    Sadashiva Nagar, Bangalore


    This Sattvic restaurant experiments with fruits, savouries and greens in flavoursome curries and will make you love vegetarian cuisine.

    What to eat

    Avoid the usual Paneer Tikkas and Bharwan Aloos from the starter menu here and instead focus on Nimboo Patte ki Gilafi, Fried Khandavi Kurkure or the Palak Patte ki Chaat {from the Make Your Own Chaat live counter}. The Kurmuri Jalebi Chaat is our personal favourite here.

    For mains, don’t forget to try the Chote Samose ki Subzi {cocktail samosas dunked into spicy gravy}, or the Kamal Kakdi Subzi {crunchy lotus stems cooked in a gravy}, Amrood Teen Mirch {guava curry} or even the Gujarati Undhiyo {a mixed seasonal vegetable dish usually eaten in winters in Gujarat} to be eaten with Mungodi {moong dal fritters} Methi Pulao, a Rajasthani staple. We also are partial to the Aloo Kamrakh Peeli Mirch, baby potatoes stir fried with slightly charred starfruit in a sticky sweet and sour gravy.

    Though their dessert station offers western bakes and cakes such as cheesecake, mousse, or pastries, stick to the Indian desserts here such as the excellent Mini Malai Ghewar {from Rajasthan}, Jamoon Boondi Raita or Badam Halwa. The menu here changes everyday and there’s a separate section just for little tykes with short eats.

    So, we’re thinking…

    Vegetarian cuisine need not be boring, and that is what this award-winning restaurant is out to prove with its innovative take on fruits and veggies using the ancient principles of Sattvic cooking.

      Sadashiva Nagar, Bangalore