Here’s Our Roundup Of The 8 Best Vegetarian Thalis In Bangalore

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If you want to tuck into indulgent but healthy (or want to stuff yourself on a Tuesday, Saturday or festival days where you avoid meat), a veg thali will have you sorted. While we have a range of amazing thalis across the city, vegetarians have quite a few options too.  We’vee done a roundup of our favourite restaurants in the city where you can dig in for that perfect bite of rice, rasam and papad. In other words, the best vegetarian thalis in Bangalore. Ready? Let’s go!

Kamat Lokaruchi

Want to try a different kind of thali? Go for Kamat Lokaruchi’s North Karnataka meals. You get a portion of jowar rottis and rice to go along with soppu palya, kaalu palya, yennegai, sambhar and rasam. On the side, you’ll get kosambari, raita, salad and papad. Plus, of course, buttermilk and a sweet. Simply delicious.

Price: INR 165, and INR 225 for their special North Karnataka Meals. 


For a North Indian style thali, blindly head to Gramin. It’s legit one of the best we’ve had! In your thali, you’ll get two vegetarian dishes, one dal and an option of either two tandoori rotis or four tawa phulkas. Plus, some rice, a sweet and a papad. All this, for less than 300 bucks! Do note that their thalis are not available on weekends and public holidays.

Price: INR 250 


Explore the flavours of Rajasthan’s kitchens on a humongous plate at this decked-up restaurant. On a regular day, you’ll be treated to limitless servings of classics like Dal Bati Churma, Kadhi, Vadis and an assortment of vegetables. Special occasions will see you feasting on Sabudane Ki Tikki, raita, kheer and fluffed-up puris.

Price: INR 400 upwards 


Rajdhani needs no introduction, as they are one of the better known Thali restaurant chains in the country. Exclusively vegetarian, they have unlimited lunch and dinner thalis through the week. The thali includes a steamed and a fried snacks with chutneys and dips, their iconic Dal Baati Churma, four veg curries, two dals (or a kadi), and a range of Indian breads and papad. This ends with not one but THREE types of sweets! The exact dishes change with the seasons even if the types of food remain consistent. With branches across the city, if you're in the mood, just order in as they have mini versions and combos of their meal options as well. 

Price: INR 600 for the standard thali, INR 300 on Tuesdays. 


Kesariya cycles through a few set menus based on the occasion (festive or celebrations) as well as seasons. Featuring North Indian (mostly Rajasthani) fare, they also serve Jain options. Their extensive menu features 3-5 snacks (with pickles, dips and chutneys), 4-5 types of veg curries/subjis, 4 sweets, 2 drinks, 3 bread options, and 4 rice items as well. And yes, it's unlimited. While they don't deliver the whole meal, if you're craving Kesariya's signature dishes, they deliver combos and mini-meals too. 

Price: INR 645 for adults, INR 350 for children


Karnatic is your best bet if you want to savour meals, thalis and dishes from most regions of South India. We could wax poetic on their individual offerings, but they have a veg thali very different from what you get in your usual Andhra restaurants or Darshinis in Bangalore. The veg thali at Karnatic features neer dosa, bun parota, mixed veg ghee roast, channa gassi (a type of gravy), a variation of coconut, veg palya, rice, dal, curd rice, papad, pickle, and a payasam

Price: INR 225


If it's a Maharashtrian thali you seek, don't think twice before checking out Suryavanshi. They have 4 vegetarian thali options (Gala, Puran Poli, Jhunka Bhakri, Vrat Chi) and one that has egg. The Vrat Chi thali is perfect for upwas (ekadashi for south Indian folks) days as it features no rice. All thalis come with 2 bhajis, dal, chapati, kadi (one or more), rice (regular or jeera), koshimbir (kosambari), sweet and/or a beverage. 

Price: INR 230 upwards

Samrat By Chalukya

How can we leave off Samrat by Hotel Chalukya off this list? The pure vegetarian restaurant is value for money on a day you're starving. While the quality has been inconsistent for the past couple of years, it's still comfort food at the end of the day with familiar flavours and generous portions. Choose from their North Indian, South Indian (the team is partial to this one) or Punjabi thalis that include 3-4 veg side dishes, dal, rice, rasam (or curry), a few slices of veggies, a choice of bread (chapati, puri, or naan), curd, pickles, papad and dessert. 

Price: INR 280 upwards

Pro-Tip: The thalis are available between 12-3:30pm and 7-10:30pm