Looking For Vegetarian, Asian Bowls & Hotpots In Jayanagar? We Found Just The Place

    Jayanagar, Bangalore


    Patio 805 wins for vegetarian stir-fries, bowls, curries and hot pots. Plus, a smattering of Vietnamese specials including the famous filter coffee makes this vegetarian restaurant in Jayanagar worth going to. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    Located right next to Starbucks on 4th Block, Patio 805 is airy, full of greenery and an illusion of space is created because of big glass windows. Soup lovers, the Thai Lemongrass soup and Laksa are wholesome, and great for cold winter nights. For starters, try the well balanced Glass Noodle Salad or Vietnamese Rice Rolls. The rolls are stuffed with rice, cucumber, beans and other veggies and served with a piquant dipping sauce.

    For mains, we recommend the Thai Hot Pot that comes with lots of vegetables, a spicy broth, and rice noodles. It's interactive, and will give you a chance to catch up with who you've come with, and can be shared between two easily. While the staff comes to your table periodically to switch on the induction stove, add veggies and noodles, if this isn't your first rodeo, feel free to DIY.

    End your meal here with Patio 805’s Che Thai, which is a Vietnamese street favourite, with fruit, coconut jelly, coffee jelly, all on a bed of shaved coconut  milk ice. It's not the sweetest dessert, but light, refreshing, and helps greatly if you're trying to recover from the spice of your meal. Ice cream lovers, try their tender coconut ice cream (or any of their special flavours, we like them all). If you're looking for more caffeine, try the Vietnamese filter coffee served with condensed milk and ice cubes. There are options of Thai iced tea, and siphon coffee too. 

    What Could Be Better

    If you're non-vegetarian who loves the meaty options that Vietnamese cuisine usually offers, this is not the place for you as it is only vegetarian. 


    If you're planning to have a fam jam with  more than 10 people, call them up and let them know and they will set up a section for you and your family. We recommend calling and reserving a table regardless of the number of people going for the meal. 

      Jayanagar, Bangalore