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Safaris, Picturesque Drives, Hikes, And Picnics: Here's What You Can Do In Bandipur

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What comes to mind when we say Bandipur? Tigers, elephants, and forests? Well, it has that and a bit more to offer in the nature department at least. So if you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle, and run (or drive) away to a real one, here are five things you can do in Bandipur. Do know that it is now open to tourists with certain restrictions pertaining to COVID-19. 

Go Tiger Spotting In The Bandipur National Park

Bandipur National Park is 80km away from Mysore, and is one of the biggest biosphere reserves as it also shares borders with Nagarhole National Park (Karnataka), Mudhumalai (Tamil Nadu), and Wayanad (Kerala). At one point, you’re in the middle of three states so take your pick of which one you’d like to catch wildlife like elephants, tigers, Indian Bison, deer, monkeys, and the occasional peacock. If you’re just passing by, enjoy the greenery and extra oxygen; just remember that it’s shut between 9 PM and 6 AM. 

Soak Up Nature At The Bandipur Safari Lodge

Went to Bandipur just to go on the safari? Check in to the Bandipur Safari Lodge at the National Park. The Guesthouse boasts of quaint cottages and dorm rooms, pick a room based on your comfort. The main attraction (apart from wildlife casually walking past you) are the safaris that you get access to. Mornings, go for a nature walk with a naturalist, enjoy adventure activities in the afternoon, and bonfires once the sun sets.

Relax By The Kabini Backwaters

The Kabini River nicely flows between Nagarahole National Park and Bandipur National park, providing water for all the lush flora and fauna to both. If you’re not boating or rafting along the Kabini River, make a stop by the Backwaters or Dam for a picnic and great views. Ideally, visit for lunch (with your picnic baskets, a blanket, and lots of sunscreen) and stay for the sunset, before you head off to the nearest resort for the night, among other things to do

Take The Road Less Travelled Via Nugu Dam

Built by Sir.M.Viswesvarayya, the relatively small dam is a picturesque location around an hour and a half away from Mysore, and an hour from Bandipur National Park. Walk along the bridge, and come monsoon, enjoy the gushing water from the sluice gates. Otherwise, just enjoy the water body and set up a picnic on the way back to Bangalore or Mysore. We’ll have you know that August is a great time to visit, as the reservoir is pretty full, and the constant grey clouds make a dramatic view over the dam. Do know that this might be closed. 

Get Good Karma At Gopalaswamy Hills

You or your travel companion a touch religious? Atop the highest peak of Bandipur is the Gopalaswamy Temple. Cool, windy, and always misty, the temple can be reached by foot if you’re okay with an easy hike. If not, there’s mini-bus service by the Forest Department costing around a minimal INR 20 per head as private vehicles aren’t allowed past the checkpost. We’d strongly suggest the hike, as you’re likely to encounter wildlife like monkeys and deer on your path, and breathtaking views of the misty hills of course. Do know that timings may vary due to the pandemic restrictions and even seasonal differences. 

Take De-tours

We will always suggest you go the extra mile, given you're keeping safe and following all COVID appropriate behaviour. From there, you can head off to Mudumalai for more Tigers or escape to the wild greenery of Wayanad for a much-needed getaway. 

COVID-19 Tips: Entry to Bandipur might be subject to vaccination certificates, so do not forget to carry that as well as sanitizers and face shields with you. Also ensure that the vehicle you're travelling in is disinfected regularly.