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Thought There Isn't Much To Do In Yercaud? These 5 Things Might Change Your Mind Completely


    The closest hill station to Bangalore, Yercaud is still ignored in favour of Ooty, Kodai and even Munnar. But we’re on a mission to shine a spotlight on the sleepy little town. We’re not talking only about the lovely lake in the middle of it, the cute bazaar and the grand Montford School (which was the location of Nagesh Kukunoor’s Rockford). We’re talking ancient forests and custom-cooked food at quirky restaurants. Tempted? Hop onto your bike, into a bus or car, and get going. You won’t regret it.

    Kiliyar Falls

    Kiliyur Falls

    This waterfall is worth checking out especially if you’re up for a bit of an adventure. The falls themselves are just under 100 metres, but what makes it majestic is the view from below. It’s a wide cascade and not a sheer drop, making it look rather magical. You want to walk down to get the best view of the falls, and that is about 350 odd steps if you take the safe route. If you take the shortcut, at your own risk, you’ll reach quicker, but with a bruised bottom as it’s quite slippery. Make sure you visit post monsoon if you want to impress with photographs.

    Sit On Ladies Seat

    Lady's Seat

    Or rather check it out. It’s really a vantage point from which you can see the whole of the Shevaroy Hills, towns, including Salem, that lead up to this hill station, as well as a few cheeky rock formations on the same hill. There’s also Gent’s Seat and Children’s Point but they’re not as wonderful. Plus, the area around Ladies’ Seat is more commercial, and for once we like that. Why? Because it means you get some piping hot tea and sinful bhajjis to munch on while lurking around.

    Drive The 32 km Loop Road

    Yercaud Lake

    Sitting in Bangalore, it’s very difficult to imagine even two metres of road with no potholes. And here, cool as a cucumber, they’re saying 32 kilometres of good roads, that too with coffee plantations on the sides instead of ugly buildings. Naturally, you’ve got to drive down it. Called the Loop Road, it begins/ends at the Yercaud Lake and weaves through the hills, vales and villages. You can choose to stop off at a plantation for a tour or have a meal at a local eatery to get the real flavour of the area. Maybe you’re the picnicking sort? Carry sandwiches, crisps and juice, and you’re sorted. For those daring to hop onto a cycle, this is a fantastic circuit.

    Eat At The Sweet Rascal Cafe

    Sweet Rascal Cafe

    Be warned, this is not your usual cafe. It’s quirky and eventually cool, but you need to reserve in advance because you won’t be let in otherwise. No, really. You’ve got to call the owner Vishnu to ask if there are spots open to accommodate you, and he’ll whip up an amazing meal for you and your party. Mostly catering to non-vegetarians, there is no menu, but you can rest assured you’ll be pleased with your meal be it Asian, Indian or Italian cuisine. Vegetarians, make sure you tell the cafe you are vegetarian. In the true sense of the concept of travel cafe, ideally, leave behind your city baggage and engage in chatter and tales here.

    Pro-Tip: We’re serious about calling ahead. You won’t get food otherwise. Call on +91 4281 223722

    Wander Through Teak Forests

    Kottachedu Teak Forest

    Originally inhabited by local tribes, the Kottachedu Teak Forest is now unfortunately devoid of its real sons (and daughters) of soil. But if you’re up for a long stroll, marvelling at the tall trees and soak in nature at its best then head down there. Bison are known to meander in and out of your path so be highly aware of that. But if you don’t venture off the beaten path, it should all be fine. Head here in the afternoon to see the play of light on the trees — it’s a real game of shadows. Camping is allowed at the forest reserve, and we recommend you take your bicycle along for some off-road adventure.