Masala Crab, Coconut Chicken & Beer Only At Good Old Ujwal Bar & Restaurant

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Load up on greasy Andhra-style spicy starters, fresh Mangalorean seafood and drinks that won’t burn a hole in your pocket at the timeless and popular Ujwal. This is one of Bangalore’s favourite dive bars!

Chow Down

Tender Coconut Chicken or Paneer, Crab Masala Fry, Kori Roti, Madka Dum Biryani

Sip On

Any spirits and bottled beer. They have Bira too when the craft beer is in stock.

Winning For

These guys win hands down for being unabashedly no-frills but maintaining food quality and options at reasonable prices.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Meant to be a family restaurant, this one is spread across three floors that get progressively less appropriate for the family, as you go higher! The terrace is usually filled with folks who originally used to sneak in here when in college and still love this dive place. The other floors have a simple wooden table-bench set up, and lighting is rather dim. But, hey, that’s exactly what we love about this place.

What’s On The Menu

We’ll come clean. We’ve possible eaten everything on this menu over the years, since visits to Ujwal last at least six hours! So we’ll stick to what we love most. It all kicks off with Cherry, Pineapple, Cheese — exactly those three ingredients on a tooth pick! Then order the dramatic Tender Coconut Chicken {a paneer version also exists} which really arrives in a coconut shell. Spicy, tangy chunks of succulent chicken, it’s perfect to go with a cold beer. Those drinking will love the Masala Peanuts and Papad.

Digging In

Don’t think twice, simply order the Crab Masala Fry. Then leave your reputation and image behind and dive in with both hands — then order round two! The Kori Roti and Chicken Ghee Roast is a match made in Mangalore heaven as the crisp rice roti soaks up all the masala of the ghee roast. The Madka Biryani {chicken or mutton} should be on the list as it’s cooked in a clay pot. Vegetarians, the Kadhai Paneer or Mushroom Masala will keep you happy.

So, We’re Thinking

A comfort zone for many in the city, we’ll overlook the slightly dingy setting and the rickety tables in favour of the Karavali flavours, Andra spice and old-school dive atmosphere.


If you like fish, ask what the freshest catch of the day includes. They usually have Seer, Kane, Pomfret, Bangla and Silver Fish which they’ll do in a masala, fry or rawa option.