Forget Mainstream And Instead Hit Up The Unexplored Beaches of Kerala

    In God’s own country, Kerala, millions from around the world visit to get their share of Nirvana. The undulating green landscapes, lush valleys, sparkling waterfalls and rivulets, and the untainted expanse of the coffee and tea estates make Kerala one of the most outstanding vacation destinations in India. Apart from the mainstream beaches and temples of Kerala, did you ever think of exploring the unexplored water bodies, especially beaches of the state? If this is what you have been wondering about recently, we’ve got your back! Just pack your bags and take off.

    Marari Beach

    For some deep self introspection, this little hamlet is a paradise for the soul. It is no less than a canvas painted with the most pristine elements that an artist can churn out from the depth of his soul. Too heavy for a description? Well, head to Marari Beach in Alleppey and experience the beauty of simplicity with eccentricity. One of the most picturesque virgin beaches in India, Marari should be a part of your itinerary when in Kerala. Moreover, with this blissful experience, you can even spend a day touring in the houseboats in Allepey and enjoy the beauty of the backwaters seemlessly.

    Kappil Beach

    Seeking blissful solitude? Visit one of the most beautiful unexplored beaches in Kerala, the Kappil Beach, and let your senses delve in the tranquil vibes of nature. The beach is untouched by commercialisation, pollution, and has a thick cover of gleaming golden sand. The Kappil Beach is an idyllic destination for letting yourself loose, and basking in the glory of the blissful environs around. This, along with several other elements give you good enough reasons to visit Kerala.

    Kizhunna Ezhara Beach

    Kizhunna and Ezhara are two scenic beaches that lie alongside each other at a distance of 12 km from Kannur, famous for its Kannur Fort trek. This can be an ideal destination for those who wish to experience a typical beachy vibe, in less crowded setting. The bay of the beach is shallow, and therefore, you can go for a smooth swim or sunbathing here. Also, don’t forget spotting some crabs!

    Meenkunnu Beach

    An annex of Payambalam Beach, the Meenkunnu Beach is located in Azhikode. The beach is less explored and therefore is an ideal resort for those seeking some tranquil moments, away from the humdrums of life. Dotted with palm groves, and a cover of shimmering golden sand, this is the perfect hideout for a blissful weekend getaway.

    By now, you must have had a fair idea of where to find that perfect solitude and give those stressed nerves of your brain some tonic, when in Kerala, right? So choose one of the best beach resorts in Kerala, and let your soul be stirred thoroughly. Go ahead!

    Written by Mehak Malhotra for Ixigo

    Featured Photo: Sreejithk2000