4 Delicious Cold Treats We're Treating Ourselves To This Summer

Summer’s almost here and so are our cravings for cold and delicious sweet goodies. Whether you love ice cream or need a mid-day caffeine kick or are just waiting to get your sugar rush on, you must try these amazing drool-worthy treats.

Get Your Freak On With Freakshakes

Trust us, freakshakes are the newest way to eat and drink your dessert at the same time. Loaded with ice cream, topped with cake, drizzled with sauce and decorated with a handful of sweets for an indulgent taste, this one is a must for your sweet tooth.

Wondering where to get your fix? Check our list here.

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Popsicles > Everything Else

If we’re being honest, we never really got over our popsicle phase. Artisanal or hand-made, fruit flavours or chocolate fudgesicles, these are our go-to summer refreshments.

Looking for the perfect cold bite? We’ve shortlisted our favourites here.

Teetotallers Rejoice With Mocktails

Who says only beer and cocktails are the ultimate drinks? Chill in the heat with blended mocktails, that cater to both exotic palates and individual preferences. With Delhi’s growing eateries and cafes, try everything from a twist on the regular lemonade to a Wasabi Mary.

We have our favourites already, so you just have to make a plan with your BFF and head here.

Brew It Right With Cold Coffee

From your morning cuppa to the mid-day caffeine kick, cold coffee is our favourite drink during summer. However you prefer yours- iced lattes or cold brews, with toppings of caramel and hazelnut, your passion for cold coffee can easily be fulfilled at any of these places.

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