6 Reasons To Pick Habitat Centre For Impromptu Evening Plans



    We love Habitat Centre. The events taking place throughout the year are a bonus, but the infrastructure itself takes us back to this place time and again.

    Stein Auditorium

    Joseph Stein Auditorium is regarded as one of the best auditoria in the whole country due to its state-of-the-art infrastructure enabling live telecast 35mm projection and simultaneous interpretation into four different languages. With its large size and facilities, the auditorium is ideal for conferences, film screenings, stand-up comedy nights, cultural performances and presentations.

    We hope you keep checking their programme list here.

    Habitat Library And Resource Centre

    One of the most striking aspects of the India Habitat centre is its library. The place is perfect for anyone who wants to gain knowledge about something specific, write, research or even know about the happenings of the day in a quiet and peaceful environment.

    The variety of books, magazines, journals and newspapers present in the library is enormous and covers topics based on cultures, architecture, science, interior decoration, autobiographies, finance, business and more.

    The All American Diner

    Wish you could turn back time and visit an authentic American diner built in the 60s or 70s? The All American Diner at IHC is just what you need—especially when you want to enjoy a smashing breakfast throughout the day. Shakes, smoothies, pancakes, waffles, hot dogs, crepes, Mexican cuisine and a fully equipped bar; what more can we ask for?

    Plus the bar, booths and walls painted in pretty colours all add to the awesome experience.

    The Lotus Pond

    While there are a bunch of other things that we love about IHC, like the Visual Arts Gallery, which always has stunning works of art on display, it is in fact, the outdoors that we prefer.

    A pretty little pond with fish swimming around and lotus floating across its waters, the serene beauty of it is enough reason for us to add it to this list. So the next time you’re at IHC taking a stroll, or just want to enjoy a few minutes of happiness do sit by the lotus pond.


    A Grecian concept, an amphitheatre is an open-air venue used for theatre performances, cultural events and various other activities. The amphitheatre at IHC is used for several cultural events, like music, dance, poetry reading, theatre performances, documentary screenings, language festivals and competitions.

    The theatre has a capacity of 200 people and is beautifully built with downward steps leading to the main stage. Having featured in quite a few movies {Rang De Basanti anyone?}, you can usually find us here during the Penguin Spring Fever.

    Visual Arts Gallery

    The art gallery in IHC has been a place for people to see, experience, and appreciate great art since its inception in 2000. The gallery hosts visual art exhibitions and art seminars to uphold and maintain the art culture in the society. Domestic and international artists showcase their works here. 2D and 3D art is on exhibition in the Visual Arts Gallery many times in a year.

    Visit their website here and follow their Facebook page here.