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7 Things That Make Us Keep Going Back To India Habitat Centre

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Established in 1993, the India Habitat Centre was developed by authorities as a convention centre for individuals and institutions working in diverse habitat related areas. Now home to numerous organisations and events that take place on a daily basis, IHC has always been a teeming ground for gatherings, luncheons, presentations, art exhibitions and music festivals. Over the years it has become a hangout spot for individuals, to either grab a warm Sunday brunch, or attend immersive lectures, and exhibits. 

Here are 7 reasons we keep going back there! 

Stein Auditorium

IHC has 15 auditoria and conference venues that are equipped with the best facilities, and are always hosting all sorts of events. The Stein auditorium however, named after the architect of IHC is one of the best ones because of its state-of-the-art infrastructure enabling live telecast, 35mm projection, and simultaneous interpretation into four different languages! The auditorium is ideal for conferences, film screenings, stand-up comedy nights, cultural performances and presentations. 

LBB Tip: Keep your eye out for all the events here.

Habitat Library And Resource Centre

The Habitat Library and Resource Centre (HLRC) is an intellectual hub that provides a serene environment for those interested in pursuit of knowledge, in finding a quiet corner for their research and writing, or even just catching up on the happenings of the day and the goings-on in the world through newspapers and the internet. It is equipped with computers that can be used by members, however non-members can also visit, but aren't allowed to issue books. There's WI-FI, and personal laptops are allowed! 

LBB Tip: They also have coffee and tea vending machines that help with uninterrupted use of the HLRC. 

Habitat Hub

Our hearts broke a little last year, when the iconic breakfast hub—All American Diner was rebranded as the Habitat Hub. We loved the retro interiors that felt like we stepped into 70s America, however the revamp isn't bad at all! It's got a new modern touch to it, while the retro vibes remain intact. You can still pop in here for  a smashing breakfast throughout the day. Shakes, smoothies, pancakes, hot dogs, Mexican food and a fully equipped bar; what more can we ask for.

The Lotus Pond

While there are a bunch of other things that we love about IHC, we can't help but mention the Lotus Pond. A pretty, little pond with fish swimming around and lotus floating in the waters, the beauty of it is enough for us to add it to this list. So the next time you’re at IHC taking a stroll, or just want to enjoy a few minutes of happiness do sit by the lotus pond.


A Grecian concept, of an amphitheatre is open-air, used for theatre performances, cultural events and various other activities. The amphitheatre at IHC is used for several cultural events, like music, dance, poetry reading, theatre performances, documentary screenings, language festivals and competitions.

The theatre has a capacity of 200 people and is beautifully built with downward steps leading to the main stage. Having featured in quite a few movies like the iconic, Rang De Basanti, you can usually find us here during the Penguin Spring Fever. It is temporarily closed at the moment, but we're expecting events to happen here soon, especially when the weather clears up. Despite that, it's beautiful enough to go visit and take in the gorgeous architecture!

Visual Arts Gallery

The art gallery in IHC has been a place for people to see, experience, and appreciate great art since its inception in 2000. The gallery hosts visual art exhibitions and art seminars to uphold and maintain art culture. Indian and international artists showcase their works here. 2D and 3D art is on exhibition in the Visual Arts Gallery many times in a year. They also have outdoor art exhibitions which are a sight to behold. 

LBB Tip: Check out all the art events happening here, and the exhibition calendar here


Another place to gobble up on some delectable food, MED—Mediterranean Restaurant, on the 5th floor of the main building in IHC, offers a variety of mediterranean and pan-asian dishes as well. Go here for a date after visiting an art exhibit, or watching an immersive documentary! The interiors are classic, mediterranean inspired, while the place is often quiet and peaceful. 

Pro Tip: There are several other dine-in restaurants now opened up, so check them out here