Too Lazy To Plan The Trek Of Your Dreams? Let This Travel Company Take Over


    Want to go for a trek, but hate the planning? The team at Hippie in Hills has got your back.

    Trek This Out

    Experience the serenity of natural beauty and a surged of adrenaline – Hippie in Hills wants you to explore the roads less travelled. If you’re an amateur or just too busy to plan a trekking trip, these people take care of everything from accommodation and food to your travel.

    Spanning the terrains of Bhutan, India, Nepal and Tibet, the website offers a variety of tours and expeditions. You can chase wildlife, soak up the culture, or try to capture the views in your camera memory forever. You can also go for cycling or motorcycle expeditions, or treks and adventure sports.

    While you can have them organise a trip any time of the year, they have certain tours going out every few weeks. There are quite a few going out to the offbeat trails of Futta Saur, Kasol and Nepal.

    So We're Saying...

    Round up your friends and go for an adventure – this one promises all the fun, none of the stress.