Avani Kumaon: Clothing and Colours from the Hills


Avani Kumaon is a voluntary organisation that creates livelihood opportunities through crafts, farm-based activities and more.

Why Avani works

Located in the border district of Pithoragarh {that shares its northern border with Tibet and eastern border with Nepal} Avani has been creating livelihood opportunities in the Kumaon Himalayas for the last 17 years. Since the youth of the hills are leaving behind traditions due to urbanisation, Avani has focused its work on bringing back heritage and culture, as well as making life sustainable. 

Why Avani is important

Having started with just 20 families, they have enabled the traditional artisan community to regenerate the processes of hand weaving and hand spinning. Their work has now spread to 64 villages, with 1,100 villagers taking part. These hand-spun and hand-woven garments are completely organic, and use only natural dyes {from local plants and trees}. The entire process leaves almost zero carbon footprints. Moreover only clean energy is used for production.

What to buy

From accessories to silk stoles, from jackets to home decor, you can pick any of their amazing products; they’ll deliver anywhere in the world. They have regular stalls at exhibitions like Dastkar’s.

We love the natural color crayons that they have, as well as the cute solar panels. With what’s behind the effort, what’s not to love?