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Dressing Up In A Suit Or Dress, Add This Affordable Label To Your Wardrobe

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Bae's Wardrobe

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What Makes It Awesome

Some days, I feel like putting on a pretty kurta but on most days, I'd much rather be in a comfy top. But one thing that's common every single day is that I'd really, really prefer if my clothes were actually affordable so I didn't go into a guilt trip every time I shop. 

Bae's Wardrobe is one such store that makes clothing, from dresses to suit sets to masks, at budget prices so you could shop for 2-3 different pieces of apparel at the same price you'd pick up a dress from Zara. While the costs are super low, I also love that it doesn't mean you're getting cheap or bad quality clothing that'll scratch at your skin or feel uncomfortable, they're all basics that you can wear regularly!

I love the printed tops that they have, especially the ones with detailing on the sleeves but you should also check out the basic dresses, shorts and ethnic wear they have. 

Their clothing starts at INR 334 and if you've got some points, you can end up saving even more money.