Belgian Beer Cafe

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Beer Cocktails and Hoppetisers at Belgian Beer Café

Navni posted on 12 September


Ten-Second Takeaway

Situated inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Greater Noida, Belgian Beer Café is a newly-opened joint serving an array of brews from Belgium, along with some innovative cocktails and lots of fried fare.


Pan Seared Salmon, Belgian Trio {sampler of desserts}


On a White Cloud, Grand Place


The dark wood interiors filled with stories and anecdotes of old world Belgium {all you have to do is ask}

Of beer bars and woody tones

Belgian Beer Café has strictly been modelled along the lines of a rural Belgian beer bar. You’ll see a predominance of dark wood, large glass windows and lots of elements, such as the clock which is forever stuck on 11.55pm {beer bars in Belgium typically shut at midnight so they’re saying you always have those extra five minutes for that one last beer}.

We’d tap that

Although when we visited, tap beer wasn’t available {they’re a WIP and will be flowing with a choice of Belgian brews shortly}, we were given a choice between Hoegaarden, Stella Artois and Leffe along with some fun beer cocktails. On a White Cloud was essentially a beer mojito {made from Hoegaarden}; we loved it for its lightness and tang. If you like your brews bitter, the Grand Place {Leffe + orange peels + tequila} is your drink. Although a tad too sweet for our tastes, the Sweet Clementine would make for a good drink for those who love their sugar.

Hopping on to the hoppetisers

The appetisers comprise mostly fried fare, and the team at BBC has gone ahead and made some beer pairings, a la connoisseur to make things easy for us. Highlights in this section include marinated pan-seared prawns {paired with Hoegaarden} and Belgian fries {paired with Stella}. Main course is relatively lighter – we recommend the pan-seared salmon but only if you’ve had a generous amount of hoppetisers {the portion is on the smaller side}.

Blow some smoke

We know people like to light up when they’re drinking. Belgian Beer Café is currently in the process of constructing a tiny little air-conditioned glass room for those cigarette breaks.

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Belgian Beer Cafe

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locationGreater Noida

Crowne Plaza, Institutional Green 1, Surajpur Chowk, Jaypee Greens, Greater Noida


Belgian Beer Cafe

locationGreater Noida