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All That Glitters: 10 Accessories That Will Add Bling To Your Look

If you're not reaching out for some stackable rings or a statement necklace with your outfits, you might be missing out on some really easy ways to make your outfits look more put-together (and gorgeous) than they are.

Just like you have wardrobe staples like your basic white tees and your favourite jeans, some stand-out staples such as rings, chokers and earrings are sure to take your outfit to the next level. 

Handmade Rippled Large Gold Hoops, Gossbabe

Whether it's a basic denim and tee that you're wearing or formals at work, hoops go with literally everything. Gossbabe has a varied range of hoops that you can buy to complete your look. Silver plated, square, trapeze textured, pearl studded or mirror chrome hoops, they've got all kinds of hoops. A definite statement piece, these gold hoops are a favourite among those who simply love to add some bold accessories to their outfit and bling-it-up. Super easy to carry off and an easy addition to your clothing, these are a must have in your jewellery collection. 

Price: INR 300 onwards 

Fish Shaped Dropped Earrings, Knick Knack Nook

Just like their name, Knick Knack Nook does a lot of quirky jewellery. We're talking nose rings, curved studs, denim square button earrings, hexagonal golden hoops, clip on nose pins and so much more. What else says bold and carefree if not a super cool and eclectic septum ring. Bag their septum ring and be a classified badass and get some heads turning. These super classic fish earrings will go with cute dresses, denims and tees and just about everything. 

Price: INR 248 onwards 

Handcrafted Silver Bead Thread & Chain Choker, Vaidaan

This brand experiments with hand-picked beads, stones and crystals and turn them into beautiful jewellery with contemporary twists. Be it the three-tone crochet earrings or bead and thread ring, these guys have aced it all. For some cool grungy vibes, this choker from Vaidaan is almost too apt to miss out on. Pair this with a white tank and some black cargo pants for a stunning and fashionable yet badass look. 

Price: INR 800 onwards 

Gold-Plated & Wooden Bar Ring, Madiha Jaipur

This Jaipur-based brand uses recycled wood with gold and semi-precious stones. Every design is distinct and has great details. Madiha Jaipur has adjustable rings, gold-plated earrings, sleek necklaces and more. You couldn't possibly be your cool, rebellious self without some stunning, statement-making hand gear. Extremely prominent and unique, this gold plated and wooden bar ring is SO different from the usual rings you usually see. It's a definite front-runner for the next addition to your ring collection. 

Price: INR 1,000 onwards 

Golden Knuckle Ring Set, Ferosh

Pearl and crystal embellished cactus earrings, anyone? This brand draws inspiration from natural elements and makes subtle jewellery pieces. If any artsy and cool movie character ever taught us anything, it's that you can't be a rebel unless you have your digits embellished in some vintage silver or gold. Join that crowd to pull off that ever-so-classic look with your very own collection of golden knuckle rings. 

Price: INR 299 onwards 

Gold-Plated Textured Disc & Line Earrings, Berserk

If you're not a fan of heavy and prominent jewellery pieces then Berserk has got some great options when it comes to tiny hoops and studs which give an elegant look. Another clear hear-turner, these gold-plated earrings are just begging to be paired with an all-black outfit. They're classy yet casual and still have an element of non-conformity to them which makes it another favourite to add bling. 

Price: INR 250 onwards 

Gold Plated Pearl And Leaf Earrings, Belsi's Jewelry

Belsi's Jewelry is dedicated to making beauteous gold based jewellery that are perfect for any occasion. Crescent moon hoops, foil earrings, swirl leaf pearl earrings, a classic semi-circles necklace and much more. The pearl and leaf earrings in particular would be our absolute favourite providing a simple yet majestic look. 

Price: INR 650 onwards 

Three Pearl Ring, Niiaashi

Obsessed with geometric designs? Look no further. Niiaashi is one brand that focuses heavily on clean and precise jewellery designs. Earrings in the shape of tiny pyramids, neat octagons, double hoops, disc rings and so on. The three pearl ring by Niiaashi defines elegance and only accentuates your OOTD. 

Price: INR 999 onwards 

Celtic Floral Lapis Lazuli Earrings, EthiLore-Art Unmuted

EthiLore-Art Unmuted has one of the best ethnic jewellery pieces. Got a wedding to attend? These guys have a wide range of drop earrings with semi-precious stones in terrific designs. They also have gorgeous looking brooches. Everything from their rings to earrings to necklaces add for a perfect wedding bling. These gold-plated Celtic earrings are bound to go well with plain chiffon saris.

Price: INR 600 onwards 

Oxidised Silver Teardrop Earrings, Zerokaata

Silver jewellery FTW! Zerokaata has an awesome collection of oxidized silver jewellery. You can never go wrong with a pair of silver jhumkis. Their collection is a mix of tribal, beaded, contemporary jewellery and the likes. These cutesy teardrop earrings have intricate with a floral motif engraved. 

Price: INR 240 onwards