Booked A Ticket At PVR Priya? Check These Places Out

Aditya posted on 17 September

A hub of entertainment and a popular hangout spot, the Priya Complex in Vasant Vihar was quite the ‘in-thing’ a few years ago. While it might not have the same charm it had back then, there are still a few places that make it worth visiting. From delicious shawarmas to your favourite glass of vino and more, we bring you our pick of places you can go to when you’re catching a flick at PVR Priya.

Arabian Nites

An old player in the market’s food business {and probably the only solo-eating joint that has stood the test of time}, Arabian Nites still knows how to rock a great shawarma. If you’re really in a mood to hog, go for their grilled chicken which is served with hummus and two pieces of khubus. The prices aren’t too heavy on your pocket, so you’ll still have enough money left for the movie tickets.

Fast Food Restaurants

59, Basant Lok Market, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

Perch Wine & Coffee Bar

Probably the only place that is worth dining at in the market, Perch is perfect for those post-movie dates. Their food is phenomenal and the space bigger than the original outlet {though it follows the same decor style}, but what really wins is the expansive wine and cocktail list.


18-A, Basant Lok Market, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

Modern Bazaar

Many might feel that this isn’t really different from Le Marche, but there is a reason we have it on our list. Apart from the usual fancy and imported food products, this place serves as a great place for people who love to cook, bake, mix their own cocktails etc. From sushi kits, food colouring, great meat cuts and baking accessories, there is something for everyone here.

Department Stores

Community Shopping Centre, Shop 18-B, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

Aura Thai Spa

Perfect for some after-work me-time, Aura Thai Spa offers quality service, and isn’t as heavy on the pocket, either. They offer a range of services like foot reflexology, Thai herbal compression therapy, Dead Sea masques and more. 


Shop 35, Ground Floor, Main Market Near Priya Cinema, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

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Good Ol' Street Shopping

There’s always time for some quick and affordable street shopping. From colourful bobby pins and earrings to fancy juttis and dresses with eclectic prints, there is so much to choose from {plus, you can fill up your shopping bags in under a 1,000 bucks}.

Walk & Talk

A good outing with bae always needs that long romantic walk, and the huge park next to the Priya complex serves as the perfect spot. You can just stroll the paths inside, perch yourself on the rocks for a quick selfie, or check out the ruins in the middle of the area.

Om Book Shop

While our trusty Fact & Fiction might have shut shop, Om Book Store proves to be the preferred pick for last-minute book shopping. They’re a trusted source for all the latest releases, along with a few books you might not find anywhere. We can already picture you spending long hours here.

Book Stores

45, Basant Lok, Near PVR Priya, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

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Chaurasiya Pan

The one thing in this market that never fades away is the chocolate paan at Chaurasiya Paan. Stuffed with gooey goodness and just the right amount of chocolate, these paans are a great post-meal indulgence. You can also stock up on your hookah supplies and more from here.