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Wedding Guest Gifting Guide: 15 Fancy Wedding Gifts Under 999

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Your cousin's engagement party. Your classmate's wedding. Your best friend just got promoted. Your colleague has recently purchased a new home.  Whether you're sociable or no, our lives almost always revolve around these zillion chotu chotu occasions. Now, we understand, you might not be super close to everyone, but at the same time don't want to miss out on being a part of their happiness. Plus people love pretty things they can actually use!Toh little something to banta hai. 

From decor to luxury bath and from stationery to fashion accessories, we've hunted down a bunch of products that look expensive, but in reality, don't burn a hole in your pocket. Promise.

PS: They're all under INR 1000. 

Home & Decor

Nautical Theme Ornate Glass Votives

Nautical Theme Ornate Glass Votives (Set of 3)

Nautical Theme Ornate Glass Votives (Set of 3)


Amoliconcepts is known for its elegant decor while smoothly incorporating some whimsical and quirky design flourishes, making it a great option for fool-proof gifting. Glass and jewels. Sparkly, classy, and sea-themed. Apart from brightening up the dull corners of one's living room or dining room, this nautical votive set for INR 900 is just the playful addition most contemporary homes need (especially if residents love the beach!). 

For Weddings: Ladies, If you're the one getting married, a couple of these sets can be a great part of your Bridesmaids invitation box (especially if you're going the beach wedding route!).

Rose Gold Candle Stand

Rose Gold Candle Stand

Rose Gold Candle Stand


These Rose Gold Candle Stands are perfect table accessories. For decorations or for those date nights at home, anyone who enjoys entertaining will enjoy this. Made of metal, these handmade candle stands are typical of the Pitara Project's sleek and contemporary design sensibilities that keep sustainability and Indian craftsmanship at the heart of their product range. All that for INR 850? Your friend(s), and wallet will be thrilled. If you can go above budget, feel free to pick up candles from The Maeva Store or Ikea. 

For Weddings: If you're heading for a wedding where every event warrants a gift, these make perfect engagement gifts! 

Take a look at some other dinner party essentials for your next get-together. 

Metal Planter Pot for Indoor Plants & Flowers

Metal Planter Pot for Indoor Plants & Flowers - Set of 2

Metal Planter Pot for Indoor Plants & Flowers - Set of 2


You'd think planters might be somewhat random as a gift, but ones this sleek and modern by Elemntl will be welcomed with open arms. This set of two planters is perfect for indoor plants, and perfect for those of you looking to gift something meaningful to a plant parent. And if they're not, Elemntl, has fake plants (that look incredibly real) that you can pick up and gift along with the planters for the aesthetics minus the maintenance. 

For Weddings: If you're gifting these physically, they make great holders for flower bouquets as well. 

Blue Pottery Themed Diffuser

Blue Pottery Diffuser


Floral, vibrant and chic, this inspired piece by Viskaa is marrying zen and decor. Just light up a tea light candle, and there, you've gifted someone lots of good vibes and a great addition for their zen zone. Decor that's tasteful, useful, and versatile hurts nobody, and at INR 699, not even your pocket! 

Here are 10 more home accessories that look hella expensive, but aren't!

For Weddings: Throw in some sweet, scented candles, and essential oils and it could be an aromatherapy kit to dial up the romance post celebrations for the lucky couple. 

Luxury Bath & Beauty

Nourishing Bathing Kit




You can't go wrong with this one. Really! This mini bath and beauty kit by Kelesta includes a body wash, face wash, hair oil, shampoo and conditioner for a cool  INR 805. Brownie points for being paraben-free and sulphate-free. If your friend is a guy, then this cruelty-free grooming kit by India Grooming Club for exactly INR 1,000 is a great option. Anyone would be happy to receive a kit like this. 

For Weddings: Of course, if you're willing to go above budget, get both kits. The couple (or your friend) will be happy with the thoughtful, ready to use mini bath essentials. Go a step ahead and get this kit for travel purposes. 

Red Wine Face Gel

Redwine Gel


For those who wanted to gift a bottle of wine, but your wallet doesn't seem to permit - this is your safest bet. A little niche for sure, but it's sure to grab eyeballs and interest for its unique nature. A red wine face serum, this gel by Nature's Butter by Shree is power-packed with the benefits of aloe vera and grape. This one's vegan, cruelty-free, has anti-ageing properties (hello, wine!), and helps with skin brightening. They've also got a red wine shampoo

For Weddings: This makes a great bachelorette present. You can be on theme and add this to the customary bottle of wine gift. 

A Refreshing Sleep Oil Face Serum

Sleep Oil Face Serum


Natural, refreshing and rejuvenating - this lavender-scented face oil by Ojas is ideal for a great sleep. Simply apply it around your nose, and you're in for a perfect 9 hours of zzz. Perfect for self-care or anyone who enjoys savouring their well-deserved R&R. We think INR 450 is a small price to pay to gift someone else great sleep, yes?

For Weddings: Your friend will certainly appreciate the sleep before the chaos of the wedding, or for that sweet, satisfying, post-wedding slumber. This makes a great present for the bachelorette or even mehendi (unconventional? Yes. But your friend will thank you for it).

Luxury Bathing Gift Box

Handcrafted Luxury Bath Gift Box


This luxury bathing gift box is sure to elevate anyone's bath time. Whether you're looking to gift a teacher, cousin or aunt - this gift box is sure to bring a smile on anyone's face. All of Laviche's products are handmade and cruelty-free so there's good karma involved too. This one includes options with rose, and a "Desir" scent. Perfect for relaxing or refreshing, or both!

For Weddings: While this makes a great gift for the couple, if it's your wedding, this makes a great gifting option for your BFF, sibling, or anyone who has gone above and beyond through the planning and celebration. Just to show them your appreciation. 

Some more gift hampers for every type of personality!

Stationery & Electronics

Indigo Tic Tac Toe Upcycled Handmade Notebook

Indigo Tic Tac Toe Upcycled Handmade Notebook

Indigo Tic Tac Toe Upcycled Handmade Notebook


If you're not sure about the person's taste, notebooks are almost always the safest bet. Handcrafted and upcycled, you can gift these to those who are organised AF, love travelling or have started a new job. Unruled, these also work really well as scrapbooks or sketchbooks. If you're looking to spend up to INR 1,000, it'll be super thoughtful if you got them felt pens, colour pencils, or watercolour paints to make the gift so much sweeter. 

For Weddings: You and the squad can always make this notebook the start of a beautiful scrapbook with their meet-cute story for the happy couple, to then fill up with future adventures. The book could also document well wishes, memories, and everything in between from loved ones!

Calligraphy Kit

Zerone English Calligraphy Feather Dip Quill Pen Writing Ink Set Stationery Gift Box with 5 Nibs

Zerone English Calligraphy Feather Dip Quill Pen Writing Ink Set Stationery Gift Box with 5 Nibs


The best way to start a new hobby is when you don't have to spend on it, only because the initial cost seems steep sometimes. Your friend will certainly appreciate being nudged into one. A calligraphy kit is a hobby and gift that keeps on giving. This one for INR 980 with 5 nibs and ink looks regal with a feather and everything! 

For Weddings: Calligraphy is a hobby that can be individually pursued, or be a great couple bonding activity. Also a sign to bring back love notes and letters maybe?

Philips BT64 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Philips BT64 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic, 3W RMS, Bluetooth 4.0V, Red

Philips BT64 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic, 3W RMS, Bluetooth 4.0V, Red


A Bluetooth speaker is never a bad gift no matter the recipient. This compact one by Philips comes with a mic (so yes, you can take calls), built-in FM radio play, is compatible with any electronic device with Bluetooth connectivity (up to 10 metres) and is rechargeable. Oh, and the speaker comes with a 32 GB memory card as well as a slot for AUX cables so it's great even if you have no signal/connectivity! Super easy to carry around anywhere for whatever occasion.

For Weddings: Definitely make this a pre-wedding (engagement perhaps?) gift. It's ideal for bachelor/bachelorette party use. 

Sunset Lamp

GiftMax® RGB Color Sunset Lamp Projection Sunset Light Projector

GiftMax® RGB Color Sunset Lamp Projection Sunset Light Projector


Okay, hear us out. With this, photoshoots and setting the mood becomes ridiculously easy! Rated highly on Amazon, and pretty much providing an IG filter irl, this lamp comes with over a dozen colour sets and is remote controlled. Costing less than INR 1,000 on most days, it's a steal! This is one of those things that non-influencer friends may not buy for themselves, but will definitely use if they have it!

For Weddings: Just think of all the lit pre and post-wedding photoshoots this will result in...among other things. 


Personalised Jewellery

Personalised Infinity & Pearl Bracelet

Personalised Infinity & Pearl Bracelet


Nothing says thoughtful (and effort) like personalised trinkets. Charm bracelets and pendants are huge at the moment, and a cute yet classy delicate bracelet like this one by Abhika Jewels will make the recipient's day! If the recipient is a guy, try this minimalist option by Tann Trim, though it's a unisex option if you ask us. 

For Weddings: This writer's mother says that jewellery gifts for weddings are just not done, especially if they're not actual gold, platinum, and/or encrusted with precious jewels. If you're of the same opinion, this set of jewellery boxes to keep all the jewellery and knick nacks that the bride will presumably receive will do nicely. It's also multifunctional.

Classic Vegan Leather Tote

Vegan Leather Solid Black Tote


This one's also the best-selling, folks! Spacious, functional and classic black - any girl will be head over heels to receive this vegan leather tote by Old Tree as a gift. Of course, feel free to fill it up with goodies, notes, and gift cards and anything else if you want to make it extra special. 

Love this? You'll like these too! 

Men's Accessories

Contrast Stripes Tie, Cuff Links & Pocket Square Set

Contrast Stripes Tie, Cuff Links & Pocket Square Set


If you're looking to give a guy friend a present, you can't go wrong with a tie, pocket square cufflink set. This one by Mensome is a classic. A striped blue tie with a matching pocket square, this is a classic option. Similar options with other designs and other accessories for men are available at Mensome. Mostly under INR 1,000 too if you're looking for budget-friendly yet classy men's accessories for gifting. 

With inputs from Ahalya Acharya