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Gourmet Burgers, Anyone? Bun Intended Has Opened In Gurgaon


    Known for their very gourmet {very American} burgers, we’ve eaten Bun Intended many, many times since it opened in Delhi, and we’re loving that it’s now also open in Gurgaon.

    All New?

    They’re bringing the same menu to G-Town, so yup, you can now have The Legend {that JD sauce omg}, The Dizzy Duck {we love this}, The Godfather, or the Pork Belly bao any evening you like, until 4am.

    Lucky Gurgaonwalas, though; you’re getting a few new additions to the menu, including the Caramel Shake, Hawaiian Burger and Green Tea tart.

    So, We're Saying

    Come back home from work, and indulge. The smallest size is a ‘Large’ and that should give you a fair indication of how big the portions are. And if all the options are too much, just craft your own burger!

    Read more about Bun Intended here, and follow them on Facebook here.