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Burma Burma At Cyber Hub Wins For Authentic Burmese Deliciousness

Maanya posted on 07 June


Decoding Burmese cuisine for you, CyberHub’s latest offering serves up delicious, vegetarian delicacies and carefully selected teas to sip on.

A Window To Burma

Started by childhood friends-turned-restaurateurs Ankit Gupta and Chirag Chajjer, Burma Burma is a window into the southeast Asian country’s heritage, culture and khaana. The restaurant owes its origins to Gupta’s Burmese roots and brings authentic flavours to the table.

Ornate bells, reminiscent of those that toll outside pagodas, hang over the central tables. The walls are adorned with elements and figures found in ancient Burmese tattoo art, and embroidered shawls have been used to upholster the furniture at Burma Burma; you’ll also find handicrafts from across the country perched on the tea bar.

Expect lots of  papier-mâché craft, lacquerware tiffins and tea kettles that are unique to Myanmar.

No Meat, No Problem!

With so much more than khao suey on offer {their BB Oh No Khow Suey sounds yummy}, Burma Burma has a well-curated menu that will get your taste buds tingling. Their first outlet opened in Mumbai two years ago and, now, we’re excited to dig our spoons into some Burmese goodness. Don’t let the words ‘vegetarian-only’ scare you off – we honestly don’t think you’ll even notice.

Burmese food is heavily influenced by the tastes of India, China and Thailand. Take, for instance, the highly-recommended Samuza Hincho, which is our very own, humble samosa served with a spicy broth. Try their Burmese naan with a side of creamy white pea and also enjoy forkfuls of their tea-leaf salad.

For dessert, how about a scoop of their smokey avocado and honey ice-cream? Also, don’t forget: the food is best enjoyed with a cup of hot tea!

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