Why Culinaire Is One Of Our Favourite Chinjabi Joints

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Culinaire has been our go-to place for Indian Chinese for almost a decade; more so over the last few years courtesy DT Cinema near Savitri. However, it’s not the convenience that keeps us coming back, but the food, the service, and the pretty little outdoor seating area.

We’d say it’s the perfect place to unwind at on a pleasant evening and order all things fried. Being avid Culinaire visitors, we’ve got a few favourites by now and we’re letting you in on our regular orders.

Fish Chilli Basil

We’re not sure which fish this dish involves {we’ll find out next time, promise} but it’s super tender and well-marinated. Doused in some variation of the generic chilli sauce which is so popular in Delhi, and fresh basil leaves, this is one of the first starters we order, before we even proceed to pretend to peruse the menu.

Stir-Fried Chicken With Cashew

Crispy morsels of chicken, fried and rolled in a mildly spicy sauce, this one’s the ultimate comfort food. Think chilli chicken, but better. And with little bits of cashew for that extra crunch.

Green Thai Curry

The theme of the evening may be Chinese, but your meal here is incomplete without the customary Thai curry. There’s nothing extraordinary about it, but if there is a well-made Thai curry at nominal prices, it is here. We love the generous amount of coconut milk and lemongrass involved in the making. And Culinaire has the spice level perfectly worked out for the Indian palate. Pair this with a bowl of steamed rice or the…

Spicy Thai Fried Rice With Minced Lamb

This one tastes great both with a gravy dish or on its own. Fried rice infused with spices and lots of keema. Kudos to the Culinaire peeps for not skimping on ingredients. Although this is under the Thai section, we find it goes equally well with Chinese gravies. After all, it’s all about fusion, no?

Chicken Dim Sums

In a world where restaurants serves you three little bite-sized dim sums in a plate, Culinaire is re-instating our faith in portions. They give us eight dim sums, all on the plump side, along with a sweet chilli sauce {you can also ask for the usual chilli paste}. And yes, they’re juicy and delish.


They do deliver but tend to take their own sweet time with it, so if you’re ordering in, make sure you call them two hours prior to when you want the food on your plate.

Where: Shop 2, Chandan Market, S Block, GK-2 {also at Kailash Colony, but we’re recommending this outlet}

Nearest Metro Station: Nehru Place

Contact: 011 64646040, +91 9810460443

Price: INR 800 for two

Timings: 12.30pm – 3pm; 6.30pm – 11pm