Custom Paint Jobs for Your Gadgets with Fox My Box

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Fox My Box is a great option for when you want to give your devices a fantastic paint job. They use high-end paints and will make any device look super luxe.

Pimp my device

Why settle for the usual graphic sticker when you could have vibrant colours, super fonts and metallic signatures instead? Fox My Box does exactly that for you. This is an innovative company that gives you more than the standard colours that any original manufacturer provides you with. Basically, imagine your iPhone, iPads, Dells or Macbooks in reds, blues, purples, neons and more. Fox My Box uses only the most high-end paints, {with a scratch-resistant liquid plastic coating} for a premium custom paint job.

Brand me vibrant

Fox My Box will paint your electronics with whichever colour and words you choose. They provide clients with a range of colours to choose from, and complete the product with either a matte or gloss finish.

Picks and drops

Fox My Box picks up and delivers to all major cities in India, and have Fedex as their partners, so you can expect your job to be done on time and perfectly.

Price: Prices vary according to device {iPhone 6 starts at INR 12,000 and Macbook Pro starts at INR 17,000}