Delhiites! Janpath Has Become Plumazing!

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After making an outstanding name for itself in World Mark 2, Aerocity, Plum By Bent Chair is all set to make Janpath Plumazing! Helmed by Priyank Sukhija, the game changer of the industry and CEO of largest chain of restaurants - First Fiddle and Natasha Jain, the owner of modern furniture and home decor, Bent Chair. This restaurant is said to be what dreams are made of. Featuring quirky decor, furniture, and fixtures by Bent Chair, Plum By Bent Chair offers all those who visit, a fresh direction to Food and Retail experience. Not to forget, Bent Chair has launched its first flagship studio right above the restaurant which is a must visit!  

Once you enter, you will see a unique bar that is created with handmade Art Stone that consists of design cut into pieces and fitting together like a puzzle. The design is known to cover the bar end to end and adds a rustic yet novel touch to the outlet. The list doesn't stop here! One of the quirky highlights of the outlet is the Mona Lisa Installation on the stairway, which is a redefined version of the celebrated art piece. This installation is a perfect fusion of art and technology, mixing the old with the new.

What’s On The Menu?

The menu has been curated and conceptualized by Priyank Sukhija and First Fiddle’s Renowned Corporate Chef, Sagar S Bajaj. It offers a special Pan Asian menu, with a progressive approach to the cuisine. Each dish has been researched thoroughly by the Chef and aims to provide a wholesome culinary experience. Plum By Bent Chair aims to offer something new and exclusive at their outlets hence the food menu has been incorporated with some exclusive dishes at its Janpath outlet. The carefully chosen dishes on the menu promise to take you on a unique gastronomical journey. The signature must-try dishes on this menu include Chicken Puffsome, Shanghai Dumplings, Salmon Truffle Cream Cheese Sushi, and more! Our personal recommendation-  Three Mushroom Brioche Toast & Avocado Ice Cream.

A good meal accompanied by a complimenting drink is the life we all dream of! There are no stones left unturned in this area at this Plumazing outlet! For cocktails, Raj Negi, First Fiddle’s expert mixologist has created new concoctions and cocktails keeping in mind the theme of the outlet. Each cocktail boasts an exclusive mixology process, that is unique to Plum by Bent Chair. The menu includes specials such as the Smoked Plum Negroni, Elderflower and Blueberry Spritzer, Passionista, Yuzu Sour, and so much more. Each drink is so mesmerising in terms of looks that it's love at first sight.

So, We Are Saying..

Plum By Bent Chair is all set to make Janpath Plumazing resulting in an experience that is both breathtaking and exhilarating. They have managed to get their menu completely on point ensuring they are not easily forgotten along with being a paradise for all you shoppers out there! Bonus point: a floor above Plum By Bent Chair is Bent Chair's first flagship studio providing a retail heaven for every shopper! Head over there now for the perfect amalgamation of shopping and food!