Drama Queen Alert: This Homegrown Brand's Quirky Bags Are Pure Love


When life gives you bags, add some drama to 'em! This homegrown brand's bags are quirky, eye-catching and everything OTT - just how we like it.

What Makes It Awesome

We're so happy that there's a brand that finally gets all our moods. Feeling sassy? Got a lil' makeup junkie in you? Getting hitched soon? DDQ's got you! And did I mention how spacious these bags are?

Apart from their eye-catching statements, the cruelty-free vegan leather & designs like tassels, beadwork, zardozi have our hearts! At the risk of spilling too much inside info: the collection's on crazy discounts right now and is selling out real fast. So don't risk major FOMO and get your hands on 'em asap.