Design And Order Your Dream Shoes On Talons D'Or


Literally translated, talons d’or means heels of gold, and when we first came across the website, we did feel like we’d struck gold. Talons D’or lets you design your shoe right from the sole, the back, the front and the heel, and then custom-makes it as per your design.

Shoe Off Your Skills

Always wanted to play designer? Talons D’or will take you there. You’re presented with a blank canvas {we mean shoe} and you decide between flats and heels, type of heel, how the shoe will look from the back and the front, and whether it’ll be closed or peep-toed.

After you have the basic structure, you move on to the most fun part of it: The materials and the colours. There’s a lot of variety and we loved choosing between suede, matte faux leather, glossy and some sparkly glittery options. You get to concentrate on your shoe, one part at a time and decide what texture and what colour goes where. It’s your shoe in every sense of it.


If designing really isn’t up your alley, you can still partake in Talons D’or’s craftsmanship. Go through the lookbook with designs created by others and order your favourite.

So, We’re Saying…

Whether you want to create your own version of Louboutins with bright red soles or colour-blocked heels in bright purples and yellow, or something glittery to help you shine all night, chances are Talons D’or can make it happen.

Where: Design and shop online here

Price: Starting at INR 2,499

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