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Gaeng Phed Phak, Sushi Platter & More: Enjoy Asian Delicacies At OKO

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What Makes It Awesome?

Walk through the busy lobby of The LaLit New Delhi and take the lift to the 28th floor. With a menu encompassing dishes from Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, China, and Korea, OKO is a visual delight. Southeast Asian décor and artefacts make for an arty ambience. Moreover, you are surrounded by earthy tones, making it a cosy meal.
How can you be in an Asian setting and not have a shot of sake? So, we began with sake and sushi platters. The veg and non-veg platters comprised California rolls, red snapper, salmon, octopus, and more. The plating with flowers and sauces make these so enticing. And I enjoyed them all as sushi is a rare love. Unlike the Japs, we eat this occasionally, and I love these occasions. Tunas and salmons are probably what most of us have begun to savour, but the octopus was a new one for me. Eel, crab, and other meats are on offer too. Maybe another day when there is more time and bae in tow.
For the mains, we had the hot Gaeng Phed Phak—the traditional red curry with bamboo shoot, pea, aubergine, sweet basil, and vegetables. We combined this with Khao Hom Mall aka jasmine steamed rice. A light flavoursome meal which is perhaps the reason behind that amazing shine and slim figures the women from this region have.
The ingredients have been sourced indigenously, and nothing is overcooked. The vegetables are crunchy, and the greens are delicious.
I ended the meal with the delicious Tub Tim Grob, simply put as tender coconut cream with water chestnuts, topped with crushed ice. This comes in a coconut cup with lid, and you don’t want this drink to finish as you want to keep biting on the crunchy red rubies. I avoided the crushed ice, but it’s a choice.
Ask for a seat by the window because you will get to see a bit of Delhi from high up. I would recommend a dinner as the twinkling lights of the capital would be a delight, but lunch on a sunny winter day is good too. Take a walk around and enjoy the view before you get down to the business of eating. You might get to see some famous landmarks such as Humayun’s Tomb. Or maybe you would like to see them on the iPad.
The restaurant has been conceptualised around the theme of #PureLove and has an all-inclusive workforce of women and transgender persons.
There are live sushi, teppanyaki, robata counters, and a crafted list of ‘Sushiri’–sushi and wine pairings.
For old timers, this will bring back memories of the iconic Thai restaurants like Silk Orchid, Blue Elephant- India’s first international outlet brand, The Grill Room, and WOKS. While you are there, do meet the five nobles of the Noble House fame and take their blessings for a long healthy, wealthy, and happy life.
Definitely check out the smoking room with its square black leather stools and mirrors that will make you feel as if you are part of a 3D or should I say 4D movie.

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