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Stationery Hoarders, You’ve Gotta Add Fangled To Your Collection

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What Makes It Awesome

We guess it’s time to admit that, well, we’re stationery addicts. And honestly? We don’t care. Pretty notebooks and funny slogans just make us want to fill up those pages even more, and anything that gets our creative juices flowing gets a thumbs up from us. We love Fangled’s products that go beyond notebooks. They’ve got cards, stickers and adorable coupons that are high quality but still affordable on the online store. 

We love the Daring Dreams notebook for our slightly more serious endeavours but we adore the notebook with the slogan “My ongoing existential crisis” which is perfect to pour your heart into while reminding yourself not to take life so seriously. Potterheads, they’ve even got a card with Dobby on it and we’re over generic birthday cards since we saw it. They also have coupons you can give to your loved ones which they can “redeem” like a movie night, a dessert or a kiss! A gift that’s technically good for you and the receiver? Win win!

Price: INR 120 onwards

What Could Be Better

We can’t get enough of the funny slogans notebooks so if they’d expand that collection, we would, too!


The “Open When” love box is the most adorable gift you could give. It comes with 5 moods for the receiver to open the card to cheer them up and not only is it super thoughtful, it’s also pretty unique compared to gift cards and other typical gifts.