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Freshen Up After A Tiring Day With This Brand's Vegan Body & Face Mists

First Water Solutions


First Water makes personal and body care products that are completely natural, vegan, gluten free, cruelty-free and ethically-made. 

What Makes It Awesome

All their products are plant-based and paraben-free. Post extensive research and quality checks, the folks behind First Water have worked hard at making a range that’s high on quality and still falls within an affordable range. 

The range includes a face serum, face oil, face cream, overnight face gel, detoxifying face masks, cleansers, a cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, face mists and body mists for all skin types. We’ve tried the face and body mists and the scents were absolutely amazing. We also loved that the bottles are HUGE. So, you’re not likely to run out of them quickly. 

What Could Be Better

 We wish they had more products for hair care. 

First Water Solutions