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French Cakes, German Breads & More: We're Loving This Bakery's Winter Menu


    Let your palate travel to Europe, while you stay comfortable at home with the winter menu at The Artful Baker which features delightful Yuletide treats and French cakes. So what if Christmas is over? The Artful Baker’s winter feast is still on!

    Traditional Treats From Far Far Away

    Nothing spells ‘festive’ better than holiday cakes and oven-fresh baked treats, and The Artful Baker delivers on this with great panache. The show-stopper of their new winter line is the Buche De Noel– a traditional French Christmas Yule Log that is moist and indulgent, a rich chocolate-y dessert that is layered with mousse, and works beautifully with a shot of espresso.

    For a slightly leaner {but equally pampering} holiday treat, get the German Stollen Bread, a cake-like, buttery fruit-bread that is loaded with dried fruits, candied orange peel and the aroma of sweet spices {cinnamon, cardamom} along with a perfect ribbon of marzipan. A slice {or two} of this with a pot of Darjeeling is our idea of a great winter time.

    Of course, you could also choose to pair your sweet-treats with a serving of the Bicern, a traditional Italian hot drink made of espresso, drinking chocolate and whole milk. Divine!

    The Classics Are Covered, Too

    Indulge in The Artful Baker’s range of cupcakes, the classic Plum Cake and special brownies that are perfect to share and make for great gifting too. Cookie lovers have to get the delicious Raspberry Linzer Cookies; traditional cookies with a lovely pop of raspberry red that will remind you of good old Jim Jams and make you all nostalgic!

    So, We’re Saying…

    Treat yourself to traditional European festive goodies this season, specially made by Chef Jeneva with a lot of love at The Artful Baker.