Get Your Fitness Compass Moving With The New Adidas Crazy Bounce Training Shoe

What Makes It Awesome

As an athlete, I often wear different pairs of shoes for running and training and my recent purchase of the Adidas training Crazy Bounce shoes makes me VERY happy. It is important to wear the right kind of shoes for activities and it often pains my heart to see people wear training shoes for running or vice versa. YES, there is a difference between the two! I spend at least an hour a day either running or training. This means that when I am training, I need shoes that provide support for multidirectional movement - heel-to-toe and side-to-side. I've been using my shoes for the last eight weeks for weight training, functional movement, and TRX sessions. They're flexible, support my feet really well, have a fantastic grip on the outsole and a flatter heel with cushioning, thus giving me the balance that I need. So, get out there and get yourself a pair of trainers, that are specific to your needs.

What Could Be Better?

More colour options would be great!

What's My Pro Tip?

Try { } to score some great deals and gear. Need help with what shoe to get for your needs, holler at { }.

Anything Else?

Get sized correctly. Often we wear shoes that are either too tight or too lose. You want just enough wiggle room. Don't run more than 5 kms in cross trainers. There's just not enough cushioning or support - may cause feet, knee or back injuries.