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What Makes It Awesome

Gift cards are convenient. You don't have to think too much, the receiver will be able to get exactly what they want and you don't even need to wrap up the present. But never have I ever given or received a gift card and felt as happy as I do when I pick a gift I just know my friend will like. As a sucker for personalised stuff, Gifts Please! was a lovely find. They make customised gift hampers which can be shipped all over India and I'm in love with all the options they've got!

Got a Potterhead friend? They've got a Harry Potter themed box with a mug, wand, golden snitch chocolates and more. Other boxes that they've done include a Friends themed box (perfect timing with the reunion coming out soon), a skincare box, birthday box and a very sweet cancer survivor box. I even saw a The Vampire Diaries box that I loved (I'm Team Damon, obviously).

To place your orders, just hit the "Enquire Now" button here and you can finalise the box you'd like to send.