Biryani Cravings? This Kitchen Is Delivering All Our Hyderabadi Favourites Home

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What Makes It Awesome

Go! Biryani is a tried-and-tested cloud kitchen that is delivering delicious and authentic Hyderabadi food in Noida. With the spread of Covid-19, these guys are making sure to prepare and deliver our favourite biryanis hygienically.

The menu’s been curated by their founder, Ahmed Khan, who's from Hyderabad and personally makes sure the flavours are as authentic as they can be! With super fresh ingredients and produce being used, the food is still pretty affordable.

We tried the Chicken Zafrani Biryani which was honestly a biryani lover’s dream come true. Chicken marinated in aromatic spices served in a sealed pot? Yes, please! We also tried out the Vegetable Dum Biryani which went perfectly with the raita and salan that it came with. The Stuffed Shami Kebabs were really juicy and stuffed with cottage cheese which we loved. We ended our meal on a sweet, sweet note with their Shahi Tukda and they definitely didn’t scrimp on the addition of slivered almonds and cashews. Our verdict? Check out Go! Biryani for authentic yet affordable Hyderabadi meals and stay happy. 

Price: INR 250 per person

What Could Be Better

The menu is a little limited and missing some of our other fave Hyderabadi dishes like Mirchi Ki Salan or Phirni so we hope they add those soon!


If you’re not someone with a big appetite, you can get their Queen portion size as opposed to the bigger King option.