Green Gurgaon: A Butterfly Park Is Going To Open In The City!

Maanya posted on 21 July

Our heart’s a flutter – Gurgaon is all set to get its very own butterfly park! In an attempt to improve the city’s green cover {currently less than 1%}, the forestry department and NGO, Uthaan, have decided to redevelop 19 acres of land in Sector 52. Very similar to the butterfly park in Jharkhand, the one in Gurgaon is envisioned to be a ecological hotspot with 20-25 species of butterfly pupa, lots of plants, moths and bats.

In addition to being a lovely spot to picnic, the butterfly park will also have an isolation centre for research work and projects. It’ll still take a while for this magical park to materialise {it’s slated to open close to the Tau Devi Lal Biodiversity Park}; the department hopes that work will be completed in the next five years.

H/T: Hindustan Times