Gujrati Market In Janpath Has All Things Hand-Embroidered & Colourful

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What Makes It Awesome?

If you’re ever in need to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe, with some handmade and hand-embroidered goodness, don’t think twice and head to the Gujarati Market in Janpath.

The street market never fails to impress. You’ll see lots of colour, embroidery, embellishments, accessories, earrings, and much more. Sprawled across the street, you’ll see bags and clothes with Kutch embroidery. Some stores will even have beautiful hand-embroidered bed covers, stoles and more.

You’ll also find lots and lots of junk jewellery, from German silver to Afghani styles—you’ll find a wide variety of earrings, rings, bangles, chokers, and more. The rings are a total steal, with the bands starting at INR 50 and the bigger, more intricate ones at around INR 150.

I ended up buying a handmade tote that had beautiful embroidery and mirror-work on it. And, when I found out that it took Pushpa didi, the owner of the shop where I bought it from, an entire week to finish it, I didn’t have the heart to bargain. But most sellers will be open to slashing the prices a bit if you try. I’m pretty sure I’ll be going back, not only for how pretty everything was, but also for how warm and endearing the vendors can be.

What Could Be Better?

You won’t find very subtle things here, as the place is brimming with colour. If you’re looking for more plain and simple stuff, you might be disappointed.

How Much Did It Cost?

Starts at ₹50

Pro Tip?

The artisans will also be willing to give your old denim jackets and shirts or jeans a fun twist by sewing on embroidered patchwork or coins, shells, and other decorative things. For a very basic price, that too.