This Restaurant Serves Bihari Cuisine That Thinks Beyond Litti Chokha

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My love for local cuisine has taken me to several of the state bhawans in Delhi. The only filter I use when it comes to choosing the place to eat at is to make sure it has a non-vegetarian spread.

Like most people of my generation, I make sure I look up to the customer reviews, food recommendations and so on. During such endeavours, Potbelly popped up in my list of suggestions umpteen number of times. However, I always ignored it thinking Bihari food is all about 'Litti Chokha'.

One evening, my friends and I decided to go for a food crawl. Starting off at a quaint little cafe in HKV, we decided to hop places and Bihar Bhawan was one of them, Potbelly being the name of their in-house restaurant.

With lots of apprehensions and after much persuasion, I decided to give this place a shot and I couldn't thank my starts more.

We started off with the meat basket. Their chicken was absolutely delicious and extremely juicy. The mutton cutlets, on the other hand, had a great combination of spices and minced meat that was cooked to perfection. It was followed by a dish which was basically ragi pooris topped with mashed fish. It was accompanied by a pool of bharta and some roasted tomato chutney. You’ll be surprised to know that the bharta actually stole the show. It was creamy and flavourful.

For the main course, we ordered a fish in khus-khus gravy and mutton chaap. The spices in both the dishes complimented each other very well.
Needless to say, our guts were full by the end of this and there was absolutely no space for dessert.

This place is definitely a must-go for all non-vegetarians. I must advise you to take fellow food lovers with you though because everything is delectable, and you’d want to try most of the dishes on the menu.

What Could Be Better?

They can definitely work on their service.

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INR 1000 - INR 3000

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Family and Big Group