Happy Tummys Makes Yummy, Nutritious Snacks For Kids


A homegrown brand started by a mom, Happy Tummys makes preservative-free, wholesome and nutritious snacks for kids in flavours they won’t immediately reject {read spit out}.

Cereal Filler

Happy Tummys currently comes in three flavours, all of which were fed one at a time, to my two-year-old niece who has a mind of her own and is clear about eating only the best.

We started with the Peanut Butter Raisin, which was a lot like the one we make at home; it was grainy {I say this in the best possible way} and tasted pretty damn good. Baby approves, too.

Next up was the Malt and Banana which wasn’t given a second bite {uh oh}, but the Almond and Date one was very well received. Two out of three isn’t bad, eh?

So, We're Saying...

Happy Tummys claims to be free of preservatives and artificial sugars and full of natural ingredients. So unless you have a few hours to kill every day and make fresh snacks for your baby, this comes pretty close.

Photos: Happy Tummys