Have A Healing Holiday At Dev Shree Homestay


    Away from the bustling cities of Rajasthan is the elegant Dev Shree homestay. Dip your feet into this oasis of tranquility while treating yourself to a quick holiday.

    Where Is It?

    Lodged between Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur lies the Deogarh region. In comparison to the crowds, noise, and stimulation found in the major tourist cities of Rajasthan, this area is like a proverbial oasis in the oh-so-real desert. It is here you will find Dev Shree homestay.

    What’s The Space Like?

    Situated right on the edge of the Ragho Sagar lake with a large verandah overlooking a stretch of lawn, the surroundings at the home ooze comfort and calm. The traditional architecture of the haveli, with those gorgeous verandahs and little Rajput courtyards, is an enjoyable sight; there are five spacious rooms and a sun-soaked central courtyard too, making this a real soothing holiday nest.

    The rooms are open, with bay windows & seating, and ornate wooden beds. The courtyards, verandahs, and living room encourage communal gatherings, with lots of plush seating inside and wicker furniture outside. The space exudes an air of ancient nobility, making you just want to sit, slurp chai, and talk politics.

    There is even a swimming pool, because who doesn’t want a refreshing dip while staying in the desert?

    Lots To Do

    There are plenty of activities, if you should feel so inclined. There are a couple of walks, one to the lake {for avid bird watchers} and one to the village to meet artisans. Available on request are yoga classes and a culinary workshop. Another {surprisingly} popular activity is taking the local train, which winds through lush valleys over small ridges and down deep gorges, showcasing the region in one swoop.

    You can also take a trek to the Sand Mata Temple, drive through the villages on a rural ramble, or visit the Kumbhalgarh Fort or Chittuargarh Fort {one of the largest forts in India}.

    Easy Livin’

    While it is a pricey option, the Dev Shree homestay seems best suited for those of you looking for a holistic, wholesome trip away from the daily grind. A spot made for lounging, reading, and letting one’s mind float, we suggest you visit this hidden homestay when you’re ready to tune out for a while.

    Where: Pehla Bagh Deogarh Madaria, Rajasthan

    Price: INR 19,800 onwards for doubles {inclusive of all meals and taxes}

    Contact: +91 9929172000, or write to info@devshreedeogarh.com

    Find out more here and follow them on Facebook here.