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This Haveli-Like House Gets The City’s Best Chefs To Cook For You On Weekends

Rene posted on 11th June

Ten-Second Takeaway

Courtyard By Virasat might just be the sweetest thing to happen to the city’s foodies. Reminiscent of old havelis from Rajasthan, this is one beautiful house on Hanuman Road that gets well-known chefs to host culinary pop-ups in its lawn and courtyard.

Restaurants Will Now Pale In Comparison

Rajan Bedi, a home chef and the host with the most, decided to open the doors to his exquisite bungalow only two months ago. He realised that he loved food, and what better way to express it than to share his lawn space with chefs who’ve had everyone polishing off their plates. So, he began a series of culinary pop-ups, with special chefs tables to accommodate upto 30 people.

These specially curated meals happen every other weekend, but they’ve moved from his lawn, to {now} his courtyard that’s equally stunning to look at. It, in fact, won’t be a tall claim to say that it can rival some of the fanciest date night spots we know in the city. The courtyard at Virasat has a tree rising from the middle, and a spattering of vintage artifacts lends it the charm that’s so lacking in popular restaurants.

Kitchen Secrets Of The Best Chefs

Rajan hosted the first edition of “What’s Cooking, Delhi” in December. Soon enough, in-the-know Delhiites got a whiff of it and booked their spots under the sun for the Crescentia Fernandes’ Goan fare. This was followed by a completely different spread, cooked lovingly by chef Sweety Baluja, who did Punjabi Dhaba khaana.

Since then, they’ve tried a Kashmiri Pandit Sunday brunch and even a Malayali one by our favourite, Prima Kurien.

If you ask us, this setup helps us appreciate regional cuisines in all their authenticity, and is literally for everyone who’s done with unfulfilling experiences at the city’s many restaurants. A meal here is indeed a world away from the clinically-cooked and unenthusiastically served food we were so used to. And, just for this, we’re loving this house where masalas are measured by intuitive sense, and food is a labour of sheer love.

So, We're Saying...

They pick a different chef with a different regional cuisine every weekend. You can keep a track of “What’s Cooking, Delhi” events here. Their tickets are usually priced from INR 1,500.

Courtyard By Virasat

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