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6 Looks From HBO's Euphoria That You Can Easily Recreate


    Do you remember that phase when literally everyone was waiting for the new HBO Euphoria episode to release just so we could admire the outfits and say to ourselves that "we do not remember doing all that when we were teenagers"? Whether it was Rue (played by Zendaya) whose casual outfits you loved, or Maddy (easily the coolest girl on TV right now, played by Alexa Demie) and her edgy looks that are your thing, there's a reason this show became a whole thing on Tiktok and Instagram Reels. They nailed the experimental makeup and just plain cool outfits and I love any encouragement to not dress basic all day, everyday.

    So check out how you can nail these Euphoria-inspired looks with stuff you can get online, right here on LBB!

    Just FYI, the show is streaming on Disney + Hotstar in India.


    Women Solid Basic Cotton Blend Ankle Leggings


    I hate being biased but no character on the show comes even a little bit close to Maddy; she's badass yet vulnerable, sassy yet sweet and she constantly delivers iconic looks, whether it's her sexy co-ord sets or monochromatic makeup looks. If I had to pick one look, I'd have to ignore the denim look, the purple daisy dress and even her Rihanna-esque winter formal look for this purple co-ord set when she has, ahem, that fight with Nate' mom. 

    These purple leggings are only INR 699 and missing the cutouts which makes them way more wearable, IMO. Pair it up with this purple top and knot it for a look Maddy would approve of.

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    Women Contrast Collared Batik Shirt


    Watching Zendaya's character Rue was heartbreaking as she relapsed (sorry for the spoiler) but, man, I loved watching her be all cute and goofy with Jules. It made me pick this outfit over her usual oversized hoodies and shorts (although those looked comfy AF, too.) I love how her clothing skewed androgynous and gender-neutral as compared to the very OTT, feminine looks other characters went for. This batik shirt is what I'd imagine Rue would wear if she were desi so check it out!


    Women Classic Strappy Solid Button Down Top


    Watching McKay make Cassie change out of the coolest costume ever made me angry and annoyed and scream at my screen that Cassie deserved better! But the few minutes we got to see this look, I knew I had to watch Tarantino's film it was inspired from. While I wouldn't wear a bra as a top on Halloween or any other day of the year, a blue top with a black and white printed skirt comes close enough.


    Women Floral Embroidered Spaghetti Top


    I'm not exaggerating when I tell you I think Jules (played by Hunter Schafer) is a literal angel, and I do mean literal. I love her sort of kawaii fashion sense that's girly and cute, with pleated skirts, mesh tops, layering and lots of sparkles. I can totally picture Jules wearing this top with a long sleeved top underneath and, obviously, some Converse shoes that match the top.

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    Crystal Embellished Layered Choker


    Kat's transformation from the shy and sidelined girl to the boss she actually is was inspiring (and a little concerning at times, too.) I loved seeing her embrace herself and her sexuality, ignoring what society expected from her and boy, did she ignore them hard. She went in with all the leather, corsets and chokers and while that definitely would not have been an outfit that my school would have okayed, at least we can still wear a choker like her and feel a little badass, too.


    Angelic Eye Shadow (Single Eyes) - Flirty

    The makeup on this show deserves its own separate section because IDK how they manage to make every single look so unique but it's incredible to watch and it's inspired me to be a tad bit more experimental with my makeup, too. Whether it was Jules' heavy on the liner look or Cassie's blue gemstone embellishment one, you'll need a good eyeshadow to use as a base. This blue one can be used to paint your lids all over, or you can start small like I did and use it to highlight the inner corner of your eye or just simply wing it with a brush.


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