These Sanitary Napkins Made From Corn & Bamboo Are Good For You & The Environment Too


Heyday sanitary napkins are made from completely natural material, namely plant fibres {corn and bamboo} and are more absorbent than the cotton ones.

Eco Friendly And You-Friendly

The brand uses absolutely no plastic, bleaches, perfumes or antibacterial agents and is as natural as it can get, really. And like all things natural, it’s not going to give you random yeast infections or irritate your skin. Moreover, you’ll also be playing your part in not destroying the planet as these pads completely decompose within six months of disposal. Win-win!

They’re available in two variants: Ultra Thin and Maxi Fluff. And come in packs of either seven or 14. And don’t worry, they’re pretty comfy, especially the thinner ones.

So, We're Saying...

Eco-friendly comfy organic pads starting at just INR 85 for a pack of seven – definitely worth a try!

Where: Modern Bazaar – all outlets