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Planning A Trip To Singapore? Check Out This EPIC Seafood Restaurant

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No trip to Singapore is complete without an evening spent devouring the classic Chilli Crab, and the Long Beach Restaurant is an ideal place to savour this culinary treat in all its glory.

Some Like It Hotter

Crustacean lovers, this is one outstanding treat you cannot afford to miss! Super fresh crab {live till it comes to you}, stir-fried in a sweet, savoury and slightly spicy tomato sauce is perhaps Singapore’s most famous culinary contribution, and Long Beach does a stellar version of it. The Chilli Crab here is known to be more spicy than the ones at other popular chains {which is why we’re recommending this place}. The heat when paired with the sweet, succulent crab flesh is divine, and pairs well with steamed or fried buns {called mantous} that you can dunk into the rich gravy.

Also, Long Beach is where the Pepper Crab was discovered. This signature dish comes with a coating of dry and fragrant black pepper sauce that is, perhaps, not as intense as the original Chilli Crab, but is just as flavourful, and has a lingering peppery aftertaste.

Low spice tolerance, but still want to enjoy fresh and juicy crabs? Ask for the White Jade Crab which comes in a very mild (but extremely buttery) aromatic sauce. Heavenly.

For A Good, Good Meal

Traditionally, the Chilli Crab is enjoyed with a side of steamed or fried buns, but the meaty, tomato sauce of the crab can also be paired with some dried scallop and egg white fried rice {a classic Chinese treat that packs in quite a savoury kick}. Also, if like us, you like to balance an intensely carnivorous meal with a bit of green, we suggest a portion of the Sambal Kang Kong, a Chinese green contrasts the richness of the crabs well.

Of course, drinking some Tiger beer while you’re having this rather long and messy meal is only going to add to the evening. 

So, We’re Saying...

Truly a meal of epic proportions. Don’t miss an indulgent and immersive fresh-from-the-sea experience at The Long Beach restaurant in Singapore.

Where: Five outlets, including 1018 East Coast Parkway and 25 Dempsey Road

Price: SGD 63 for Live Crab in a sauce of your choice, and SGD 1.8 for 2 steamed buns to go with it.  



Long Beach serves up the crabs slightly cracked, and you’re expected to do the rest with your molars. However, feel free to ask for a crab cracker, or even get your crab nicely cracked up. The best way to eat Chilli and Pepper Crabs is with your hands, so ditch the cutlery.