Cheggit Out: These Dine-In Faves Are Now Delivering To Your Home

Delhi cafes and restaurants have shut down till March 31 in the public’s best interest due to Covid-19 but some days, we just miss getting dressed up and going out to our favourite cafes for a meal. Well, we’ve got news for you. These 5 dine-in only places are now delivering to our homes! We suggest you bookmark this list and keep it handy.

Fig & Maple

While Fig & Maple’s menu is more breakfast heavy, we’re here to say we love their food for every single meal. We’ll miss their rooftop seating for sure but won’t have much to complain about as we eat one of their lovely Risottos! End the meal with their Banoffee Waffles and we’re done!

Price: INR 1,000 per person

The Irish House

Just ‘cause you can’t go to the pub, doesn’t mean the pub can’t come to you! We love their menu featuring all our classic pub foods (we’ll miss the beer at home, though!) Order in the Fish & Chips and the Grande Nachos and sit back and watch some Netflix!

Price: INR 650 per person

Yeti - The Himalayan Kitchen

Can't go to the hills for a while but hey, with Yeti now delivering food, the hills can come to you! Their Nepalese/Tibetan food is seriously good and it was hard for us to pick a few things to recommend off of the menu but you really can't go wrong with their Wai Wai Sadeko or their Jhol Momos.

Price: INR 600 per person

Casual Dining

Yeti - The Himalayan Kitchen

B-41, Inner Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi



Yes, we miss our Saturday nights just as much as you do so finding out Raasta is now delivering food really brings back some of our Saturday night vibes! You can order in the Hummas Pita Platter, or something from their pasta and pizza collection and you're set! Of course, you'll have to play your own Bob Marley music but that's doable, right?

Price: INR 500 per person



A-2/A, 2nd Floor, Aurobindo Marg, Green Park, New Delhi



So whether it’s date night, a birthday, or you just need a fancy meal to cheer you up, it’s okay if you can’t step out. Just order in from any of these places!