How To Colour Block Like A Pro

Colour blocking isn't necessarily the easiest style to pull off and has sufficiently scared away enough people because of the high stakes and high chances of it not working out. Let's reel back the stress of colour-blocking a little and let us make it much easier for you, so you're not nervously trying to pair two contrasting colours together and instead can pop on an outfit with great confidence. Colour-block like a pro, you got this.

Colour Block Embroidered Crop Shirt

Cute, cropped and colour-blocked- this shirt has my style senses tingling. I love the delicate embroidery on the shirt and the fact that it bears a comfortable silhouette that's not too showy if that's not your style. It's easy to pull off and super chic! 

Colour Block Front Pocket Hemp Shirt

This hemp shirt is perfect for hot days and just to express your love for green, with some super classy color-blocking and a great shape that's bound to give you comfort and it's environmentally friendly so there's something for your conscience too! Go green! 

Colour Block Half Sleeves T-Shirt

Color-blocking doesn't always mean you have to go out with avant garde clothing and be ahead turner each time you try the trend. A subtle inclusion of contrasting color schemes also gives you just enough fashion props while not steppiunf too far out your comfort zone. This half sleeves t-shirt is exactly that. 

Black & White Color Block Bindi Motif Tunic

How could we not include a classic black and white option? Adorned with graceful bindi motifs, this is an indie-chic color blocking dream. Style it with some stark white sneakers and you're good to go! 

Multiple Pockets Colourblock Cross-Body

Tastefully color blocked to the point where it seems complementary, this cross-body is sure to find a place with so many of yoour outfits. The trend isn't just limited to clothing, and we're here to tell you that loud and clear! You could pull off the ultimate color-blocked look with a well-curated outfit or add some color to a basic black on black outfit, the choice is yours! 

Striped Maxi Dhoti Jumpsuit with Longline Jacket

Now to bring back some avant-garde vibes to the trend, go for this super chill and effortlessly styled dhoti jumpsuit because color blocking isn't just for western-wear! With a breezy and summery silhouette, this outfit is sure to make all your discompfort about wearing contrasting colors go away.