Ice Cream & Tacos Are Rolled Into One Epic Dessert At This Shop In Gurgaon

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Fumo Creams makes rolled ice cream tacos and liquid nitrogen desserts that will give you dragon’s breath.

Roll Baby, Roll

The ultimate Potion’s class, Fumo Creams does incredible things with ice cream and liquid nitrogen. Thai rolled ice-cream, which has become a new rage is offered in classic and favourite flavours such as Kesari Baddam, Paan Bahaar and Peanut Butter. They elevate all of this by putting it in a ‘taco’ of waffle cone and giving you creations like the Choco Brownie Buzz, Fun Ferrero and Hazy Hazelnut.

Their dessert, Dragon’s Breath, is super Instagrammable – tasting like the orange wafers we all ate when we were kids, this creation is doused in liquid nitrogen. The wisps of white smoke coming off all the machines and this beautiful cup in front of you gives you serious Harry Potter vibes. Best of all, put it in your mouth and exhale the cold smoke. {Be careful eating these, you don’t want to burn your tongue.}

Raining Cream Drops

Fumo takes its liquid nitrogen game to the next level and doles out ice cream caviar. Carefully dropping melted ice cream into a cannister of the cloudy gas, each tiny piece of cream caviar is frozen into shape. Available in flavours like Coffee Craze, Tropicandy or Strawberry Delight, you can get delicate little balls called Creamy Dots which they serve with chocolate chips and a drizzle of sauce.

If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, opt for a smoky mocktail. Fumo Cream is bringing all that nitrogenous magic to us and we are eternally grateful.

So We're Saying...

If you’re on your way into Gurgaon, or getting out, stop at this cute counter at the Huda City Metro Station, sit and witness the delicious, creamy beauty and enjoy your taco.