This Jaipur Resort With Private Pool Villas & Candle-Lit Restaurants Is An Ideal Couples' Getaway


The brand new JW Marriott Jaipur Resort And Spa is the perfect place to escape to with your significant other because it’s romantic, utterly stunning, and full of lovely things you both to do.

Pretty As An Insta Picture

As you drive towards this resort hotel, you can feel yourself getting further away from the city, and deeper into the hilly outskirts. But nothing can prepare you for the visual when you drive into it. What looks, at first sight, like the lovechild of hilltop hues of Santorini {the freshest whites and royal azures} and the old palaces of Rajasthan comes into clearer view and is just the most stunning, fresh-faced smattering of old-school onion domes, scattered across larger expanses of creeping greenery. Located on the outskirts of Jaipur, it really gives you the feeling of not being in the city while it’s still a 30 minute drive away.

A little cart takes you around the property {but you can figure it out once you do a first walk-around in it}, and drives you past the myriad forms of rooms and villas they have, which, more precisely is 85 Royal Rooms, 22 Royal Terrace rooms, 11 Royal Family Rooms, 16 Palace Studio Suites, 23 Royal Courtyard Rooms, 41 Royal Pool Rooms, 1 Palace Suite and 1 Presidential Suite.

We ourselves stayed in the Royal Pool Villa, and it’s actually perfect for a romantic little weekend getaway for two. With a private pool and courtyard, it’s a lovely little place to sneak away from the city for a couple of quiet nights. The pool is tiny, but delightful, and a great place to hang out and sip on a cocktail {versus actually swimming}. There’s a giant {and very pretty} pool a stone’s throw away if you actually want to do laps and such. The room itself is small, but the villa on the whole is very spacious – a lovely place to eat breakfast, or sip on an summer drink as the sun sets.

Secret Suppers

If you’re gasping for an uber-traditional Rajasthani meal, Mohan Mahal is the hotel’s best kept little secret. The only catch is that there’s a fixed menu – but the menu is a three-thali set-up {an appetiser thali, a monster main thali with about a zillion things, and desserts thali} of plentiful samplings of delicious kebabs, gravies, dals, subzis and meetha from the motherland, so you get to try quite a few things. Bonus: The ambiance is all candle-lit, so it’s romance personified.

But the buffets are the big sell at this resort. The main dining area, Sukh Mahal, has a rotating buffet for lunch and dinner that’s rife with so much insanely good food. We ourselves went a little nuts at the cheese, salad and desserts counters {for all you like-minded sugar junkies, they have between 17-20 desserts in the spread each meal}, but there’s always a fantastic Oriental, continental, and Indian spread as well. Make sure you turn up without having eaten all day to do it justice – there’s really just so much food!

PS: They also have a lovely tea lounge and bar named Jharokha – pop by and have an evening pot of Moroccan mint is you’re not chai-ing it up in your private courtyard.

Health & Other Stories

We {meaning I} are daily gym rats, so the fitness centre was one of the first things we {meaning I} check out about a property – this one is state-of-the-art, mostly empty {privacy, yay!} and well-kept. If you’re more a normal holiday person that us {meaning me}, you’ll love the spa here. We’re not very spa people, so we focused more on other things – but we popped our heads in and it looked lovely!

Another nice thing is that a lot of arrangements can be made for you to play sports – badminton, tennis, croquet, cycling and so on; all possible upon request. There’s also an amazing elephant village really close by – cruelty free and extremely kind and respectful of the elephants {we always ask}. 


So, We're Saying

It’s a perfect place to run away to if you’re looking for a luxurious weekend away that’s not too far from the city. The best rooms are pricey, so be prepared for that. But even if you have a more standard room, there’s enough to do within the property to spend a full weekend with each other.

Check out their website for more details.

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