Max Comfort & Max Power: Pin These Kamala Harris Inspired Outfits & Accessories!


    Madam Vice President of the United States is a whole mood, especially in her sense of fashion if you ask us. She's all about power dressing without skimping on comfort and does not feel obligated to dress a certain way that is usually required of female politicians in America. Just the sort of role model to idolise, fashion wise and otherwise. You can sport these signature Kamala Harris styles from office to a casual evening of networking or use elements, make them your own (she'd appreciate this too) and feel like the boss that you are!

    Cool Co-ord Set

    Women Tie Up Waist Striped Top & Pants Set

    From what we've been seeing, Miss VP makes sure to look put together, no matter where she's headed and to be comfortable at that. Her pantsuits are glorious looking, but we're sure she'd love this Striped Co-ord Set that can be both playful and powerful depending on the situation. 

    Boss Pantsuit

    Women Ikat Printed Blazer With Pants Co-Ord Set

    Roll into office Kamala Harris style wearing this bomb Ikat Printed Blazer with Pants Set and take on (more like destroy) the day! This is a stand out piece and that little Indian touch has us swooning. 

    Perfect Palazzo Co-ord Set

    Women Printed Blazer With Palazzo Co-Ord Set

    Kamala is often gravitating to dark colours for her pant suits and likes her jackets cinched at the high waist with enough room to move around like this Navy Printed Blazer With Palazzo Set. It has a defined V-neck with a collar, full sleeves and easy-breezy pants.

    Charming Checkered Jacket

    Women Handloom Cotton Blue Window Pane Checkered Jacket

    Rocking jackets and blazers is just Madam Vice President's thing. Ever since she's been sporting them you know that this does not just belong in a man's wardrobe. Pick this Blue Window Pane Checkered Jacket in handloom cotton. It has clean, soft lines and fits well, especially on the shoulders.

    Bomb Brown Blazer

    Women Tailored Camel Brown Blazer

    This blazer is in trend, obviously cause we know that the nudes and browns are here to stay, plus we think it's definitely something Kamala would sport for its flexibility to mix and match and feminine chic touch. 

    Sassy Sneakers

    Women Tropical Flamingo Hi-Top Sneakers

    By now it's established that Miss Harris is quite the converse/sneakers queen. She's unafraid to shake up the norm and has on many, many occasions worn her favourite Chuck Taylor All-Star Sneakers, especially to rallies and mobilisation events during her campaigns. She even has custom pairs. We've picked out these Tropical Flamingo Hi-Top Sneakers (very Chuck Talyors) plus the print is so unusually cool.     Wear this under a solid coloured pantsuit and you know who's boss. For a more sober white sneaker look, check out this and this. Black sneakers are her thing too, and this baby with a rose patch detailing fits the bill too.

    Basic White Button Up Shirt

    Women Graphic Shoulders Detail White Oversized Shirt

    On days when she feels like giving the power look a rest, Kamala Harris is like any of us. At many lighter events she is seen west a white button-up shirt with jeans and converse look. You can choose to go the class route or pick this number with a Frill Yoke Cuff or this with a Pleated Hem Top. This Scarfed Collar Button Detailed Top is pretty rad without being overbearing too. 

    Just Be Yourself Jeans

    Women Denim Blue Jeans

    Remember the fitted jeans we just mentioned, these Solid Denim Blue Jeans fit the brief. They're casual and will compliment that white shirt and sneaker look perfectly. 

    Straightforward Athleisure

    Women Typographic String Detail Solid Hoodie

    You all remember the "We Did It Joe!" video, right? Such an iconic phrase and moment in time, not just because this was a fantastic victory but also because in that video every woman could relate to Harris chilling in a functional and comfy athletic jacket and sunglasses. If you don't own this iconic duo yet, check out this more casual Typographic String Detail Hoodie and Indie brand Rio Rabbit for some stylish shades.

    Precious Pearls

    Gold-Tone Pearl Choker Necklace

    If you've carefully observed the Vice President-Elect's taste in jewellery you already know that she loves her pearls. She's always alternating between her favourite sets so we've rounded up three pearly whirlies too. Our favourite is this Gold-Tone Pearl Choker Necklace, very delicate and minimalist, arranged like a fern on a gold toned choker. Our other choices would be this Triple Layer Pearl Necklace and this Silver-Toned Layered Pearl Necklace. If you're not going for pearls look for less colourful stones and more metalware.

    Mean Business Mask

    Chain Detail Contoured 3-Ply Mask

    With masks crucial to the year 2020, you would've most definitely spotted Kamala Harris flaunting a mask everywhere she went. Her mask is always a solid colour and more often than not black with no print. We've picked this Chain Detail Contoured 3-Ply Mask in black for its understated look and functionality. No more having to put your masks on questionable surfaces, just wear it when you're not using it instead.