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Kombucha Calling! Here's Where You Can Find The "Health Elixir" In Town

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What Makes It Awesome?

Kombucha, the mother of all hipster drinks, even cooler than matcha latte with coconut milk, has made a much welcome entry to the town. What's basically fermented tea, Kombucha apparently has a ton of health benefits. And while I'm hopeful I reflect these, it's definitely not the reason I spend 11. Five-diet-cokes worth of rupees on a glass of this drink. What I love is the taste- it's like having really nice, non-alcoholic, spiced sparkling wine. Pour a glass, top it with ice, and you're good to go.

Whatever your incentive - health or just taste - to drink Kombucha, here are four places that I've tried it in Delhi/NCR, and my feedback on the same. Drink up here:

A. Fig & Maple: The go-to brunch spot of the hour, Fig & Maple sources their Kombucha from Krishi Cress (another really cool company you should look out for). I like their variant the most; it isn't too tart or bitter, actually tastes 'floral', and is the perfect accompaniment to one of their signature egg dishes.

B. Cafe Shunya: My new favourite spot in Gurgaon, Cafe Shunya kills it {not literally, of course} with their organic and vegan food. Their house-made Kombucha is tart AF, and a little extra ice goes a long way. Have this with their pulled jackfruit burger, or their vegan waffles.

C. Fab Cafe: A recent discovery, Fab Cafe's kombucha comes in three iterations; a nimbu, raspberry and chia seeds, and a mango one as well. I tried the nimbu one which I really liked. All of FabCafe's food is fabulous, so knock yourself out.

D. Altitude Cafe {Meherchand}: Another good spot for healthy and vegan food, Altitude's homemade Kombucha is slightly more sour and less sweet.

Greenr in Shahpur Jat also has Kombucha - I'll be trying it this weekend.

What's My Pro Tip?

Would I travel all the way to these places to get Kombucha? Probably not. But the next time you're at any of these spots and are looking to try something new to drink, you know what to order. Also, it's likely to be the most expensive non-alcoholic drink on their menu.