You Can Get The Best Kolhapuri Chappals Without Making A Trip To Jaipur

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What Makes It Awesome

Every time a cousin or friend goes anywhere near Jaipur, one thing I always ask them to bring for me is a pair of kolhapuris; they're trendy, they look super cool and, thankfully, they're really comfortable, too, so it's easy to make them your daily slippers without resorting to wearing flip-flops everywhere. Korakari's skilled artisans make high quality kolhapuris (duh) that have made me stop asking my parents to take me to Jaipur so I can go shoe shopping because they're available online.

So one thing I really liked about Korakari (other than the convenience of ordering it to my home) was that all the designs are really minimalist and unique so I can easily dress them up or down and wear them with a kurta or even jeans. They have a bunch of different styles available, too, like some traditional ones, some modern ones with a square toed front and even kolhapuri shoes that look like desi espadrilles. They have beaded options, metallic options and even denim options that look so cool and different. 

The kolhapuris are pretty fairly priced, too, they start at approx. INR 1,100 and go up depending on the design and, well, I think it's a pretty good deal considering the quality and wearability of these!