Lamy Fountain Pens Starting At Just INR 1,600 At This Shop In Nai Sadak

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Nai Sadak is undoubtedly stationery heaven, but we still didn’t expect to climb up a flight of stairs and come across walls full of pens of all kinds, starting at INR 20 and going up to thousands.

For You Fountain Heads

You know how bank-breaking purchasing a fountain pen can be, even if it’s a super basic one. We were thrilled to find a INR 2,200 Lamy here for INR 1,600, which is a pretty hefty discount, you guys!

If you haven’t reached that level of gravity with your fountain pens, you can also start with a Parker or a Scheaffer for a mere INR 200. These guys have it all, along with an uber-friendly staff who is willing to understand your requirements and help you shortlist a bunch of pens. And yes, you can doodle and test these on a notepad prior to purchasing them.

There's More

They also have basic art supplies {don’t think beyond paint brushes, crayons and sketch pens}, as well as a little kiosk-ish stall of perfume at wholesale prices {we’re not vouching for the authenticity, though}.